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Himachal Pradesh state is the land of the traditional diaspora. The people in Himachal Pradesh, each and every day is nothing fewer than the festivity or jubilation. The festival will differ by means of the scale, however, the utmost of them are present at through large troops who wish to convey forward the enriched heritage as well as ceremonies of their ancestors. The fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh will delight you in the rich culture and tradition that they have till now.

All the monastery, church, temple and gurudwara present its own celebrations that will aspect the parades of deities at in glowing gold silver canopies, along with the performance of the traditional dances, such as mask dance, exciting adventure events also ritual dramas. At Himachal Pradesh, all the festivals are been celebrated with peace and serenity or else by way of dancing the hours. You will find there are several traditional as well as cultural fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh which you will find hard to pick some off.

Halda festival – Welcome the New Year


This festival is celebrated for the goddess of wealth, the Halda, and the Shashikar Apa is been celebrated through a great enthusiasm as well as zeal so as to celebrate the coming new year. The real date of celebration of this festival is been decided by the Lamas. People from the Lahaul districts will come assembled and will delight in this New Year performing stunning music.

Lamas to pick out the diverse place to perform the ancient ritual according to that each family conveys little branches of the cedar tree to make the bonfire. The bonfire indicates the harmony of the community. It is too widespread at the valleys of Chandra River, Bhaga River, and Keylong.

Time of Celebration: Month of January
Where: In Lahaul district
Special Allure: The Dancing Acts and Musicals
Festival Duration: 2 Days



This is the most awaited festival in Himachal Pradesh, Sazo is been celebrated to bid adieu for the village deities. At the time of the festival, the temple door will be normally remaining closed, however, the wagons of the great God and Goddesses still open. It is also trusted that on that day, several deities will abode to heaven for the small nap. The ritual indicates where the God showers worthy things from that of heaven to its disciples. And so, the village publics clean as well as style the floors of the temples in order to receive the God’s blessings. During the course of the festival, villagers are jam-packed by ecstasy and joy.

At this occasion, priests in the temples are extremely celebrated as they are reflected as the illustrative of the divinity. Even certain villages, priests in the temple will go from one home to other merely to breathe the incense. Villages offer the priest the cordial reception; as a regard, they also gift them food grains and gifts, a small ritual is known as the Deacher as well as Deokhel. Pulses, Vegetables, Poltus, Rice, Meat, Chilta, Halva, are a number of other the dishes equipped through the villagers at this occasion.

Time of Celebration: Month of January
Where: Kinnaur District
Special Allure: The Dancing Acts and Musicals
Festival Duration: 1 Day

Lohri /Maghi


Lohri is the energetic festival notable by way of the people in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab as well as Haryana. At the Punjab villages, the Lohri is been celebrated by way of a traditional ritual to bump-start the reaping of the Rabi crop. The Lohri festival is prominent through the term of Maghu in addition since it concurs through the start of ‘Magh’ month that commences merely a day before.

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At the time of the festival, people dress up in lively attires also get ready for the dance performances. Children will sing folk songs then will march door to door, particularly to the recently married couples deliberately to gather funds for the public bonfire. During dusk, people across diverse families assemble together also lit the bonfire. People will throw the pop cans as well as puffed rice at the flames by way of a contribution sacrifice to God as a result where they will get blessed by the rich harvest. People from the distinct societies come all together for the striking divine celebration. In general, Lohri celebrates unity as well as cheers people to increase beyond their personal variances.

Time of Celebration: On the Month of 13th January
Where: All over Himachal Pradesh
Special Allure: The Bonfire in addition to dancing acts
Festival Duration: 1 Day

Himachal Winter Carnival


To uphold the values and ethics in Himachal Pradesh, the winter carnival is planned each year at Manali. The Himachal Pradesh initiated the style of Winter Carnival early at the year of 1977 and currently when nearly three decades of the festival has to turn out to be bigger and better! All through this festival, the ski hills of the Manali are occupied in by the thrilling fanatics. One more chief highlight of the carnival celebration is the splendor competition called to be the “Winter Queen” also “Mr. Manali”.

The procession is too structured from the well celebrated Hadimba Devi temple. The whole section of Manali mall road appears similar a carnival. Starting from the folk dance till humorous skits, lots of stuff could be discovered at this festival. People at the tour to Himachal Pradesh could not afford to miss this incredible Himachal Winter Carnival. Apart from revel in the Himachal Winter Carnival at Manali, tourists will also have the opportunity to explore the Hadimba Temple, Jagatsukh, Manu Temple Vashisht Springs, and Manacle Gompa.

Time of Celebration: On the month of January. From 2nd Jan to 6th Jan
Where: Manali District
Special Allure: Himachali Food Festival, Skiing Championship, Local Band Competition, Craft Bazaar, Folk Dances, Adventure Sports and Street Plays.
Festival Duration: 1 Day

Losar Festival


This festival is the New Year celebration for the Tibetans, the Losar festival is been celebrated at the first week of the first lunar month (It would be for the month of February), by the performances of the Tibetan opera as well as prayer rituals being performed in several monasteries. A day before to the New Year, the Nyi Shu GU is been celebrated that is the ritualized tradition. At the time of this festival, the native deity will be worshiped. It is too supposed that the Losar festival is been created during the time of the Pre-Buddhist period at Tibet while Bon is the religious conviction followed at the country.

The day one of the festivals is called to be the ‘Lama Losar’ or else the festival for the Guru along with this Holiness. The Dalai Lama, who is the mystical head for the Tibetans, is worshiped at this day. On the festival day, the stunning Chaam dance is held that features the enlarged mask plus costumes. The dance will replicate the story that how the unkind Tibetan king, called in the name of Langdarma, was slayed at the period of a 9th century, prominent to the vital victory of worthy above evil. The bizarre masks made used at this dance have too gotten it the label the ‘Devil Dance’.

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Time of Celebration: Among the months of January end also March
Where: All over Himachal
Special Allure: The Mask Dance
Festival Duration: 15 days

Doongri Festival


The Doongri festival or else the Hadimba Devi carnival is celebrated at the Kullu in order to honor and at the same time to celebrate the Hadimba Devi’s birthday who is the wife of Bhima. The great fair is held on this wonderful day. Throughout the duration of the festival, you could catch the sights of dance together with the musical performances by local artists. As the festival is held at the ‘Basant Panchami’, you can delight in the sight of the vibrant flowers blooming at the Kullu Valley.

Since the festival is celebrated on ‘Basant Panchami’, one can see colorful flowers blooming on Kullu valley. Furthermore, tiny colorful kites also shield the skies to spot the spring festival, named the “Basant Panchami.” The Aroma, freshness, and liveliness of flowers altogether nearby the valley offer the visitor the best heavenly time of their lifetime.

Time of Celebration: Month of May
Where: Kullu district
Special Allure: Local artist will perform the Folk dance as well as music
Festival Duration: 1 Day

Kullu Dussehra

Dussehra photoPhotos by J I G I S H A a.k.a Nitin Badhwar,

The Dussehra celebration at the Kullu district is not just the celebration that is been done in the further parts of the country since they will not burn the figurine of Ravan or else Kumbhkarna. The customary Kullu Dussehra is structured during the time of October month also catches off the mighty start by the customary procession of the great Lord Raghunathji. A Rath Yatra of an idol of great Lord Raghunath is headed by the Kullu Raja together with the village deities, also is notorious by way of the running of God. The Lord Raghunathji will be placed on the brightly attired chariot and is pulled from the fixed place at Dhalpur Maidan to one more destination through the Maidan by means of big ropes. The dragging of ropes is considered to be sacred through the native people. The entire deities from several temples are carried from the temple towards the center stage so as to pay honor to Raghnathji. You could see one among the best almighty processions at the country in addition to the state; it appeals the massive number of tourists.

The celebration begins at ‘Vijaya Dashami’ day; above 250 people assemble here plus the camp in Dhalpur Maidan for the week so that pay loyalty to Lord Raghunathji, the ruling deity. The festival is held by whole fevours for the week. This Hindu festival will be celebrated almost all part of the India to spot the victory of noble over evil ( Lord Ram over the Bad Ravan). At the final day of the celebration, this chariot of Raghunath Ji will be carried towards the bank of the Beas River. At that time a pile of wood together with grass will be set on fire, signifying the burning of figurines of evil Ravana who is the demon of Lanka also it is followed by the sacrifice of selected animals.

Time of Celebration: Month of November or Month October
Where: Kullu district
Festival Duration: 1 Day

Delight In The Fairs And Festivals Of Himachal Pradesh

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