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Dawki – A Hidden Paradise For Nature Lovers To Treasure

Dawki or Dauki as it is commonly called – is a district in Shillong. To travel in some of the picturesque spots of Meghalaya, Dawki can be considered as a must-visit destination which is located close to the Jaintia Hills. Whether you are traveling solo, or with your family and friends, the natural beauty of the place is sure to attract you. It is one of the commonly visited places for the travelers traveling to Guwahati or Shillong.

Points Of Attraction For Tourists

Apart from the charms and beauty of this place¸ travelers would also be attracted to visit Umngot River in this district. You really cannot leave out this place and the serenity in the crystal clear water of the river. If you are looking out for peace from humdrum daily life and want to feel adrenaline rush in your adventurous tour, then this place would be the best option to opt for. You can also take along the excellent scenic beauty and cherish the moments for months even after months after you visit the place.

This dawki river shillong would attract most of the travelers and let them forget their busy life for some time. Now you must be wondering how to reach dawki? From Meghalaya, you can either take the train route or travel by air or road. The winding roads take you to some marvelous scenery to reach dawki river shillong.

Dawki - a hidden paradise for nature lovers to treasure
Dawki lake by vinay245 under CC BY 2.0

How Can You Reach This District?

You can avail the nearest Guwahati airport which is about 200 km from this place, and you can reach the place by hiring a cab as well. For the ones who wish to travel by rail route, from Guwahati, you can take a cab or avail the bus service to reach this district. Apart from this, if you prefer the road transport, then this district is at a distance of 90 Km from Shillong, and the route takes through beautiful deep forests.

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What To Do At Dawki?

If you have already known about how to reach dawki then acquire some more information about which places should top your list apart from the famed river mentioned earlier. You can also enjoy the boating service at the river. Apart from this, you can also spend time shopping. In addition, Dawki also offers you some enjoyable nightlife where you can visit the nightclubs and bars that have arrangements for music and boozing.

If you are a food lover, then you are sure to fall in love with the delightful Meghalayan cuisine. It serves Dohneiihong, Makham-Bitchi, Jhur Sideh and many other mouthwatering dishes. Do not forget to try out the sweets and oranges at district.

Now that you have known about most of the engagements and must watch places at Dawki, you must be wondering about dawki hotels. Tourists desire to avail the best service and unique places to stay which is available at an affordable price. When you search online, you are sure to get top guesthouse and hotels to stay at this place. Some dawki hotels are offers discounts without making a hole in your pockets.

Dawki - a hidden paradise for nature lovers to treasure
the search never ends..Dawki by Raghavan Prabhu under CC BY 2.0

Where To Stay Near The River?

Apart from these hotels, you would love to stay near Umngot river in the comfortable bamboo huts. It is the place for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to taste both Indian and Chinese cuisines. You can also indulge in trekking, cliff jumping, and other activities to make your visit to the beautiful place complete.

So, have a plan for a wonderful trip and cherish memories of your lifetime, schedule your trip today. Therefore, without any further delay, back your bags soon and get to fall in love with the splendid beauty of the place in the coming summer months.

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Featured Photo: Dawki riverr by Nithish Ouseph under CC BY 2.0

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