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Dausa – A Replica Of Rajasthan

Dausa town is also known as Deva Nagri which is situated around 55 km away from Jaipur city. It is becoming a very popular town in tourism circuits and is located near the Bharatpur and Alawar district. The Dausa town has much archaeological and historical importance associated with it and was also the first headquarters of the former Kachhawaha Dynasty. Dausa town is an imitation of the Rajasthan state on a tiny scale. One can experience the authentic rural experience of Rajasthan away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Dausa provides all the experience right from the famous forts to camel ride or safari ride. Dausa is mostly preferred by all the travelers whether it is couples, kids or family.

List of some famous places to visit in Dausa are:

Chand Baori – A Baoli or a Baori is a Hindi name for a step well. In Dausa, Chand Baori is a step well near Harshat Mata Temple. The Chand Baori was built by the Chauhan Dynasty almost 1900 years ago. It is the oldest step well in the whole Asian Continent. There are many such tanks in the desert kingdom of Rajasthan and all the tanks served as community centers and the construction was considered as an act of great benevolence and generosity. To realize the symmetry and grandeur of the step well, one needs to actually see it. The step well is perfectly consistent and uniform throughout. The step well is considered as marvels of architecture. The step well has carved panels inserted into the sides. This step well is surrounded by multiple storied verandahs. It is sure that you will be staggered and confound by seeing its beauty.

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Harshat Mata Temple – Harshat Mata temple is another famous tourist attraction in Dausa Town. The temple is dedicated to the local Goddess Harshat. This temple has also suffered from the rage of time and has been razed by the Islamic rulers who captured the temple. Only some portions are left of this ancient temple like the terrace, the columned mandapa, and the sanctuary walls. Also, there are images of deities on the walls that have carved niches. The worn out images on the wall indicate that originally the temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu who was considered as the Creator of the Hindu trinity. One can image the temple’s glory while seeing the carved pillars and walls, wonderful sculptures and a grand open courtyard. Every year during the Chaitra month that is March- April, a Mela is held near the temple. One should visit this temple because it provides the best aura and environment that will be loved by all.

Bhandarej – Bhandarej is a village in Dausa district. The Bhandarej villages provide an ample number of attractions which are sure to leave you in confusion of where to go and where not to go. The village is popular for terracotta utensils, decorative latticework, sculptures and walls. The village boasts magnificent walls and gorgeous step wells. The major attraction of this village is the Hotel Bhadravati Palace and Bhandarej Baori. The palace boasts green gardens, courtyards, traditionally painted verandahs, arched windows and plush rooms. The hotel will surely provide you a regal and royal experience while spending time there. The 70 feet width Bhandarej Baori is a magnificent architectural creation.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple – The Mehandipur Balaji Temple is a famous magical temple in Dausa which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This temple is situated near the Mehandipur village and is popular for the treatment of mentally disturbed people and unbalanced brains people by the Pretraj. Many doctors have failed to give the explanation behind this temple. People from all over the world visit this place to overcome such diseases. The importance of this temple is showed by the volume of donations received, number of residential accommodations and the number of visitors that turn-up. The glistening Hanuman idol is carved in stone and is very basic in nature and appears to embellish when one lays his eyes on it. One cannot afford to miss the adventurous and eerie experience that is provided by the temple.

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Fort Madhogarh – Madhav Singh, the king of Jaipur built the fort. Madhogarh is a very picturesque and scenic fort situated on the top of a hill in the scenery of lovely flower fields. The fort has been transformed into a royal hotel. The hotel provides an amazing accommodation to its guests. This hotel provides a feel of Rajasthan with a grand central courtyard which has lovely local functions. The hotel terraces also offer an amazing view because of its location where the guest can spend their evening time.

Temple of Kaila Devi – This temple is located near the banks of river Kkalisil in the district of Karauli. As the name suggest, Kaila Devi temple is purely dedicated to the Goddess Kaila Devi. The temple is made up of marble with a huge courtyard and checkered flooring. On one side of the temple, there are a several red flags planted by the visitors/devotees. During the dark half of the month of ‘Chaitra’ a fair is held in this temple which attracts a large amount of visitors.

Neelkanth and Panch Mahadev temple – In the temples of Dausa, five images of God Shive, Sahajnath, Somnath, Gupteshwar, and Neelkanth are situated. The Neelkanth temple depicts its spiritual presence and also its ancient glory. The faith of this temple is also enjoyed by the roap-way which attracts the tourists.

Gatolav –  Gatolav is popular for the birth of Sant Sunderdas. He has been preached by Sant Dadudayal, who was the founder of a Dadupanthi religion. This place boasts activities like boating and swimming which attracts a large number of tourists.

The Church at Bandikui – Bandikui which is 35 km away from Dausa village there is a church of Roman style for Protestant Christians. This church was built up during the British Empire. This beautiful small church attracts a large number of tourists.

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That was all about Dausa. If you have something to share about this qualit little town, do share it with as comments below.

Featured Photo of ‘India – Agra’ by Robin Hickmott under CC BY-ND 2.0

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