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Dare To Visit The 7 Most Haunted Places In Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most developed cities in India. It is widely popular in the country as the IT Hub due to the dominance of the IT sector in the city. I have been to Bangalore many times in the past and I must admit that it is one of the most happening cities in India. It excels at everything be it technology, infrastructure, food, adventure spots and what not. However, every city has its deepest secrets. Secrets which it doesn’t want the common public to know. Bangalore also one such secret and that secret is the haunted places which are located in the city. The people who have visited these places have reported that they have had eerie experiences and it scared the hell out of them. In this article, I will be telling you about 7 Haunted Places in Bangalore.

Dare To Visit The 7 Most Haunted Places In Bangalore

1. Kalpalli Cemetery

The first place that I would like to talk about one of the oldest graveyards in the city of Bangalore that is Kalpalli Cemetry. It is located in Sarvagnanagar, Bangalore. There are various stories surrounding this place. All those who have visited this place have reported that they feel that someone is watching them; they looked around but didn’t find anyone. A few people who have visited this place say that they face a different kind of uneasiness which they can’t express in words. Some say that they have seen a man wearing white clothes and when they walked to confront him; he just vanishes.

2. Terra Vera

Terra Vera is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. This house was built in 1943 by EJ Vaz. It was gifted to his daughters Dolce Vaz and Vera Vaz. Around 5 years back, the rumours regarding this place had increased to such an extent that people feared to cross the street (St. Mark’s Road) where the house was located during daylight. It is said that Dolce Vaz was murdered in front of her sister in this house. All those who have visited this place have said that experienced unusual sounds and dropping temperatures. It is said that filmmakers who have gone there with the hope of taking pictures and videos have returned with bad batteries and corrupted videos. Due to these rumours, this structure has now been demolished. However, the rumours continue to live until today.

hoskote photo
Photo of “Y! team outing 2012” by raju venkat under CC BY 2.0

3. Hoskote Route

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If you want to try something adventures that is okay visit this route. But do yourself a favour, if you are stopped by an old day on this route asking for a lift don’t even think about stopping your bike or car. When you travel through this route, you would be coming across a lonely road here which has cemeteries on both the sides of the road. Bikers say that have been stopped by an old day on this road. There have been reports regarding an auto driver. This particular lady probably had stopped an auto driver for a lift. The auto driver did stop his auto but the old lady couldn’t get inside because of the religious idols and pictures in his auto. She started laughing like a maniac at the auto driver; it is said that if the auto driver would have stepped out of his vehicle, she would have killed him.

4. National Highway 4 Route

The 4th place which comes to my mind when I am talking about the haunted places in Bangalore is the NH 4 route. Haunting incidents on the highway is something which you hear very regularly. Honestly, it is very hard to understand which is true or false. However, one route about which you always hear strange things is the NH 4 route. It is said that bikers are stopped by a lady on this route for a lift and whenever they turn around to ask where should they drop her; they see that there is no one sitting on their bike. Moreover, there are certain points in the highway where for some reason people feel very uneasy.

5. Victoria Hospital

This hospital is located on the Fort Road in Bangalore. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. Hospital is a place which many people believe has many unsaid stories, and Victoria hospital happens to be one of those places. This structure has been in Bangalore for more than a century now and hospital staff have said multiple times that feel an unknown entity steals food packets from the canteen. Some say that they have seen a ghost in the garden of this particular hospital. Many consider this as a joke, while some take it very seriously. Truth can only be known if you visit this place!

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bangalore airport photo
Photo of “Bangalore Airport” by Herry Lawford under CC BY 2.0

6. Bangalore International Airport

Bangalore airport is also known as Kempegowda international airport is definitely one of the busiest and crowded airports of our country. I personally have been there numerous numbers of times. It is said that the staff here have reported that they have met a lady wearing a white saree; but whenever they have tried to track her down, they have failed. I don’t know I have been here several times but I have never seen someone. However, if you come across such an individual make sure you are prepared.

7. Call centre – MG Road

There are several call centres located in MG Road. However, I tried to track this one down but I had an unsuccessful attempt. It is said that a woman worked at this particular call centre and was killed by a driver who after murdering her flee letting her die. The people who work here claim that they have seen the ghost of this lady when they were entering or leaving the office late at night.

Supernatural powers are something which would always have debates. All those who have witnessed such powers believe in these things; however, all those who don’t consider and take it as a joke. Well, it is said that there are some things which do exist but until and unless you see or feel it you won’t believe it. Haunted places are also like that. If you are up for an adventure make sure you visit these places and then decide whether or not you believe in these kinds of stuff. These were the 7 most haunted places in Bangalore

Featured Photo of “India” by Herry Lawford under CC BY 2.0

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