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If you are someone who is a permanent resident of Kolkata and loves food to a significant extent, then the Dacres Lane is an excellent choice. It brings food to your table that is smeared with history. It is interesting to note that this old and decaying by lane would serve you with cheap food items that are of great taste and exceptional standard. If you are someone who appreciates food more than the ambiance, then the Dacres Lane is the right choice for you. You would witness super quick service and cheerful vibe when you sit down to fill your stomach with the mouthwatering delicacies that are served in the Dacres Lane.

A brief history of the Dacres Lane

If you are wondering where Dacres Lane is situated, it is located right in the business center of Kolkata which is also known by the name of B.B.D Bagh. Since its inception, it has been enthralling thousands of office-goers by offering unique culinary delights at affordable prices. You would also be fascinated to know that Chinese, Bengali, and other various cuisines majestically intermingle in Dacres Lane. If you are in Dacres Lane, do not forget to try the iconic rolls and cutlet. It was formerly known as James Hickey Sarani. Almost 250 years ago, this iconic lane was named after the collector of Calcutta, Philip Milner Dacre. As per the accounts of many historians, he used to arrange meetings with the sailors.

What are the delightful delicacies available in Dacres Lane?

Dacre Street Kolkata is one of those streets where you can avail roadside food at affordable prices. It has satiated the hunger of millions of office-goers since its inception. If you are obsessed with trying out various food items, you can visit the Dacres Lane. On the other hand, if you do not have much money, then Dacre Street Kolkata should be your ideal choice. It would not upset and would fully satiate your hunger. Moreover, you should note that Dacre Street Kolkata is not about the traditional food stalls. It is a place where you would come to terms with signature dishes. It is a place where you would find most food items that can be consulted in the same location.

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Let’s take a look at the oldest food stalls that can be found in Dacre Street Kolkata.


As a Bengali, you have your love hate relationship with seasonal food items and delicacies. Kolkata experiences dark and mesmerizing monsoons and the favorite food treat during these times is Khichuri. However, if you are at your office and are madly craving for Khichuri, then you can visit Apanjan located at Dacre Street Kolkata. The Khichuri that is being made here is made of ghee and is usually served with papad, fries, and chutney. In other words, Apanjan is a place where you can taste the homemade Khichuri and that too at affordable rates. There is another food counter at Apanjan that would serve with the heavenly Indian styled noodles and fried rice with chicken and prawn.

Dacres LanePhoto by RussBowling

Chittoda’s Chicken Stew

Chittoda’s Chicken Stew is a rage among office goers of Dacres Lane. It is a century old establishment that was built by a person named Chitto. The chicken stew available at Chitto Da’s shop boasts of practicality and delicacy. It comes with a piece of fluffy white bread which you can easily smack with lips. It is so soft that you can almost test its delicacy. Chittoda’s Chicken Stew nowadays is famous for its versatility in serving the customers with various treats. Nowadays, you would also witness the likes of foreigners smacking their lips when they are served with Chittoda’s Chicken Stew. It is now run by the third generation Chittoda and also serves the foodies with other unique culinary delights at affordable prices.

In other words, it can be said that Dacres Lane has been a wonderful leveler in Kolkata. You can find citizens of all ages and economic background in Dacres Lane, Kolkata.

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Dacres Lane- The Lost Food Paradise Of Kolkata

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