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Cricket – A Sport That Binds India

Cricket – A Sport that Binds India

Ravi is furious than ever! He is shouting at the top of his voice to the other members who are standing around in different directions. In the middle, Ahmed is standing with a bat in front of some bricks. I think they wanted to make wickets out of those bricks. Ravi came down furiously with a red plastic ball and threw it towards Ahmed. A swish of the bat. A sweet sound of impact and the ball flies away. It is a six again!

This is a very common scenario that you can see in every corner of India. Cricket is not a sport but a religion in India. This feverishly intense passion for cricket in India is is incomprehensible to many.

Cricket in India is not just a sport, but an integral part of their growth. Although hockey is the national game of India, cricket has overshadowed every other sport. This game negates all the barriers. It is loved by the richest of the rich, the poorest of the poor. It is equally loved by the most educated as well as least educated. It is a single factor that binds an entire country TOGETHER.

Irish playwright George Bernard Shah quoted “Cricket is a game played by 11 fools and watched by 11,000 fools.” There are two things wrong with the statement. One, nobody is a fool. Two, it’s no more 11,000. That number has gone up into the billions. If soccer is followed by half the globe, then the game of bat and ball is followed by the other half!

A day in cricket, especially One Day is like a holiday with people watching 1 hour before the match starts to the presentation. The ‘Bleed blue’ chant is heard from the crowded stadium to the personal living room during this game of bat and ball. Life of a cricketer can be made or destroyed based on the frenzy that takes place inside a stadium. People react in extremes with some players revered as God while in case loses, effigies are burnt as well. Players in India have learnt to live with this.

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It is the religion that unites all people across religions

There are unique stories from every lane, every street and every house in India. Eyes stick to TV screens and people irrespective of their religion become superstitious. It is noticed people wear same tees, same shoes & sit in the same position on the couch tending to freeze considering it as a charm of luck for those 11 warriors.

Is it a “Sunday”?

Who cares that when there is a match or series going on, Indians don’t ever feel guilty to skip, rather take leave from their respective work on important match day. A day of cricket, especially during the important matches halts the entire country.

India Vs. Pakistan matches are a peculiar warfare!

The happiness of an Indian cannot be compared with anything in this world if it is after a wonderful win against its rival team Pakistan. India Vs Pakistan matches are the most awaited matches in cricket for any Indian with cricket providing the necessary competition as well the heavenly peace between the two countries with is wonderful for the spirit of the game.

Cricket in varying shapes and form

Cricket is the game that is played by many people of different age groups as a common game throughout the country so much so that unique modifications of this game is popular in India. Short pitch is a peculiar way of playing when the pitch is very short and the bowler cannot run before throwing the ball. The bowler has to stand and throw the ball towards the batsman, whereas batsman can neither hit the ball in air or hit beyond the fences/boundaries. He has to hit on certain points specified in the field to score runs. This form has been modified to play in a place where you don’t have much space or not big enough as the cricket ground. People have termed it as ‘Gali Cricket’ or Street cricket, ’Nukkad cricket’ or Lane cricket.

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20-20 cricket which is the newest form of the game which has been in vogue in Indian since many years before it became an official format.

Cricket provides the Cheers

Indian cricket team is one of the top professional International cricket team around the world. It won its first world cup in 1983 with Kapil as its proud captain. India in the year 2007 won the World Twenty20 for the first time followed by the 2011 World Cup.

And the God of Cricket lives here.

For 3 decades, India’s passion for cricket has been centered around the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. It used to be all about the master blaster “Aila!” Sachin Tendulkar.  Tendulkar has represented India in international matches several times and has been idolized by every child who plays cricket and every aspiring cricketer in India. He is considered “God” of Indian Cricket. With Sachin’s retirement, the baton has passed on to the next generations of sportsmen.

Cricket is Undoubtedly the most popular sport for every Indian and everyone in India. Cricket brings India Together. People over here say “we eat cricket, sleep cricket, live cricket and cricket is our only religion”.

Featured Photo by shents (Pixabay)


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