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Coutrallam is a small town located between the states of Tamilnadu and Kerala. This hilly terrain is nestled between the Western Ghats and surrounded by dense forest. The hillocks from where the water fall origin is called as “Agasthiar Malai”. It was named after a Saint who lived in this region few centuries back, he was respected for his Ayurvedic knowledge and he knows the purpose of all the herbal plants in the ” Agasthiar Malai” .People also believe that the water of the falls flows through many herbal plants which posses natural curative properties.  The scenic view of the hillocks nestled between the dense forest and the fresh water that flows through herbal plants and trees attracts many tourists every year.

The best season to enjoy here is from the month of June till September every year, during other months you will not find surplus flow of water. You will have wonderful time in coutrallam if you visit this place in the peak season. The chilling breeze and the pleasant weather accompanied with gentle drizzling will awake all your senses. Several people from various parts of South India visit this place every year to enjoy a rejuvenating bath in the fresh and pure water. You will have the feeling of visiting a Spa centre, after taking bath in this fresh water, which is why this place is called as “Spa of Tamil nadu”.

Water Falls

There are several falls and small cascades in Coutrallam, among them 5 waterfalls are considered to be significant, they are Peraruvi (Main Falls), Chitraruvi(Small Falls),Tehnaruvi(Honey falls), Puli Aruvi (Tiger Falls) and Aintharuvi (Five Falls).  Apart from these Pazhaya Courtallam(old Falls), Pazhathotta Aruvi and  Palaruvi are the other small falls that are found in the Coutrallam. The Main falls is about 60 ft in height. You can find many Honey combs in the Honey falls area for which it was named as Tehnaruvi.  In the Tiger falls is a sort of artificial falls and it got its name as tigers were seen in this area few years back. Pazhathotta Aruvi got this name as the water flows down through the Orchard.

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There is a temple called Shenbagadevi temple located near Tehnaruvi(Honey falls) which can be reached by trekking or even by car. Most of the tourists like to trek along with their family and friends to this beautiful falls and offer their prayers at Shenbagadevi temple. The trekking along the main trail, the artificial steps carved on tough rocks and the magnificient Coutrallam valley will give you a fresh and unforgettable memory. You will also wish to visit this place frequently every year.

A Shenbagadevi waterfall is quite adventurous when compared to others, because it also features a pool. It gives you a heavenly feeling with its striking beauty and refreshing breeze. You can also enjoy diving in the pool of nerve striking cold water.

The forceful water falls from a height of 170 feets at Honey waterfalls. Also during monsoon season, it is not advisable to get near the falls because sometimes the force of water can be life threatening.  Climbing these waterfalls gives you a scenic view of the entire coutrallam region. Climbing to this falls is not a easy task as you have to go through the steep path and rocky surfaces, but once done you can witness the enchanting view of the Honey falls that worth the trouble !

The rumbling sound of the water falls which is produced due to the splashing waters; the mind-blowing landscape and the adventurous trip are nature’s pack of surprise to any adventure loving person.


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