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You may hear a lot of stories about the city where you belong, Kolkata is one other city which has immense heritage and stories to be told about. Kolkata, better known as the city of joy is located in the state of West Bengal and happens to be the capital of the state. It also used to be the capital of India during the British rule and you will still find the roots of that particular period once you visit here.

Many may find it curious so as to why I have mentioned a city with a ‘soul’, well since I have been a resident of this city, I know why I have mentioned it in the tittle of this article and would explain you in detail so as to why Kolkata is a city with a soul. You want a city with ‘cleanliness’ go to Chandigarh, you want a city where you can enjoy ‘night life’ go to ‘Mumbai’, you want yourself to surrounded by politicians and want to have a ‘happening life’ then go to Delhi but if you want a city with a soul, you need to come to Kolkata. I am mentioning a few points and facts about the city which will prove that why Kolkata is the place to be in India.

A City With A Soul – Kolkata

kolkata photoPhoto by R.Mitra aka @the.photoguy (instagram)

1.A City With Rich Heritage

Well like I mentioned that Kolkata was the capital of India in the past and this may be one of the reasons so as to why it has such a rich heritage. If you visit places like Fort William, Victoria Memorial, Writer’s building and a few other similar places then you might understand what I want to deliver.
The city has such a huge history that it makes it impossible for me to describe it in words. If you have visited Kolkata before and if you visit it recently you will realize that nothing has changed. The people, the buildings, the positivity is all still there. It is different than other cities which if you visit after a year, you realize that everything has changed; Kolkata happens to be one of the city which is what it is the way what it was.

kolkata photoPhoto by Padmanaba01

2.The People

I am not being negative here, but being a cosmopolite and having lots of travel experience, I have come to know about the attitude of people in a city. Like for example, if you visit Delhi then you will realize that people are very enthusiastic in whatever they do, In Mumbai people do not give a damn about what other people do (as in people are too busy with themselves to care about anyone else).
Bengalis are known for their loving nature. They open their arms wide open for almost everyone. Here the majority of the population is of Bengalis, and they are bloody fair; if someone is at fault regardless of their customs or religion they make sure that he gets the right punishment.

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kolkata photoPhoto by VnGrijl

3.The Places

I can just go on and on about this particular point. There are numerous places which you should surely visit once you reach here. Popular spots happen to be the famous ‘New Market’ in Esplanade area, Netaji Bhavan in Bhawanipur Kolkata, Bara Bazar, MG Road, Red Road (Better if you visit it during the time of Republic Day or Independence Day), Eden Gardens (which happens to be the second largest stadium by capacity), Princep Ghat (Spend an evening here with you loved one once, sitting at the well maintained Ganga ghats here) and a few other places. The ones that I have mentioned above would help you get brushed on the history of Kolkata and make you fall in love with this beautiful city.

kolkata food photoPhoto by sazerac2k

4.The Food!

This is one of the few points which any Calcuttian would brief you upon. Undoubtedly Kolkata serves the best variety in food and name it anything; North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental, Thai, all are available are and all are extremely delicious. I would like to point out one important fact about Kolkata, it probably serves the best biriyani in India after Hyderabad. If I had to point out a few joints it would be Arsalan, Royal Indian Hotel, India Resturant, Dada Boudi Biriyani, Shiraz and many more. Talking about the street food, you will find everything possible but the most popular and dominant street food happens to be Chow Mein and Momo. You might want to visit Exide Crossing (Rabindra Sadan Metro Station) for Momos and China Town for Chow Mein. The best part about the food in Kolkata is that it is damn cheap and wouldn’t be a big load on your wallet.

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kolkata food photoPhoto by Soumyadeep Paul

5.Kachori, Sabzi; It’s All Good!

If you want to butter your mouth early in the morning you might want to visit Balwant Singh Eating House, Sharma Eating House, Ballygunge Sharma, Gupta Sweets. They serve the best kachori-sabzi in Kolkata. Moreover, there are many Bengali food dishes like Jhoori-Baza, Fish cutlet which are so exquisite that it will make you go aww. Talking about sweets, Kolkata serves the best sweets in India; moreover, almost 80% of them are made from ‘chena’ so they are pretty healthy too. If I have to name a few it would be Rosogolla, Sandesh, Chum Chum, Kacha kola and similar sweets.

kolkata night life photoPhoto by kg.abhi

6.Night Life

Many suffer from the misconception that Kolkata’s night life isn’t that great. I have to agree to the fact that the majority of the population goes off to sleep before 11pm because they need to head out early the next day but there’s also a breed of population who wakes up at 11pm so that they can party till the sun rises. There are pretty amazing places like The Park, where you will find popular night clubs like Tantra, Roxy and Aqua. If you aren’t quite a party person and like to have your beer in a quiet place then I would recommend you to go for Oly Pub (make sure you have Chicken Alakeiv, Beef Steak or Mutton Steak).

Well, all these reasons add up to the fact that this city has everything to make you fall in love. The people, the food, night life, cheap accommodation; Kolkata offers you peace in everything that you demand. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and swing to the city of joy!

Featured Photo by R.Mitra aka @the.photoguy (instagram)

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Looking For A City With A Soul? Then Come To Kolkata!

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