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Clock Towers are iconic architectural figures of major countries across the world. Big Ben is the most famous one of them all and is located in London. They are named so because of the heavy turret clock fixed on one or many sides of the tower. Personal watches were rare and these clocks served as timekeepers for the whole locality around. India has its share of Clock towers, and famous ones too!  Have you ever visited these Clock Towers of India?

Most of these Clock Towers of India are a legacy of the British Raj.  They stand as landmarks amidst busy markets and bustling bazaars, ticking away decade after decade.


Most Popular Clock Towers Of India

1. Mint Clock Tower, Chennai

Mint Clocktower is one amongst the many clock towers of the city of Chennai.  It is a 60 ft (18m high standalone clock tower made of concrete. The architecture of art deco type receives admiring looks from all the tourists who visit here.

2. Ghanta Ghar, Dehra Dun

Dehradun clock tower photo

Photo by Rick McCharles

The Ghanga-ghar is one among the heritage buildings in Dehradun,  such as Darbar Sahib, Osho Meditation center, Forest Research Institute and the Morrison Memorial Church.  It is a special clock with six faces and stands in the center of Dehra Dun city.

3. Allahabad clock tower, Allahabad

Allahabad Clocktower is among the oldest clock towers in India.  It also goes by the name Chowk Ghantaghar and was built in 1913.  This Mughal style architectural monument stands tall at 40 feet (12 meters).

4. Clock Tower, Kollam

The Kollam clock tower lies in Chinnakada, the heart of the city of Kollam, Kerala.  It’s a quadrangular clock tower built in tribute to Unichakam Parameshwaran Pillai, a  former chairman of Kollam in 1944.

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5. Hussainabad Clocktower, Lucknow

If you want to see Big Ben in India, come to Lucknow.  Yes, the Hussainabad clock Tower, Lucknow looks just like the Big Ben. It is one of the highest clock towers of India towering at 210 feet (67 m). This tower located near Rumi Darwaza was built in 1881 and dedicated to then 1st Lieutenant Governor of Avadh,  Sir George Cooper.

6. Rajabai Clock, tower, Mumbai

If you are in search of other gigantic Clock towers of India,  visit the University of Mumbai, Maharashtra. In the confines of this legendary institute stands the Rajabai Clock Tower.  This British Era clock admired for its artistic structure is also among the tourist hotspots in Mumbai.

7. Ghantaghar Mirzapur

Mirzapur Ghanta Ghar is also a famous old clock tower of India.  This tower was built in the year 1891 and houses a 1000 kg alloy bell. The tower itself has been done very artistically and people come from afar to admire its finely carved stone.

8. Chaura Bazaar clock tower Ludhiana

100 not out is the age of the Clock Tower in the famous Chaura Bazaar, Ludhiana, Punjab.  This tower was built in the memory of Queen Victoria.

9. Fazillka Clocktower, Fazilka

Fazillka Clock Tower is another famous tower in Punjab.  Fazilka is located on the Indo-Pak border and has been witness to the painful happenings during partition.  This clock is the second tallest clock in India standing at 1000ft. Also called Ram Narin Periwal clock tower, it was utilized for broadcasting FM and TV channels at one point of time.

10. Ghanta Ghar Jodhpur

clock towers of india photo

Photo by twiga_swala

Jodhpur Ghantaghar is ticking away since the 19th century.  This Rajasthan architecture style tower, built by Maharaja Sardar Singh, is also called the clock tower of Rajasthan.  It towers the whole landscape around it.

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11. Secunderabad Clock Tower 

The amazing Secunderabad Clock Tower is located in the state of Telangana.  It stands at 37 m(120 feet). A war memorial has been built around this beautiful clock tower. There is also a little garden and sitting area around it.  The wonderful fact is that it a calm little ancient time-keeping spot surrounded by the busy Secunderabad shopping malls.  This clock tower was selected as a logo  for the Secunderabad city’s 200 years celebrations.

There are many more Clock towers around the vast territory of our country.  Unfortunately, there is not much information as to how they came up and who built them.  They still stand proud, towering the neighborhood – some announcing time and others as silent spectators to the annals of history.


Featured Photo by Christian Haugen

Clock Towers Of India – Ticking Away Since Ages

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