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Odisha is one particular place, which every Individual should visit once in their lifetime. It is located on the eastern side of India and shares its borders with West Bengal, Jharkhand, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It is also nick named as “city of temples” due to the presence of popular temples like Mukteswar Temple and Lingaraja temple. People also called it Goa of the east due to the presence of good beaches. People of the nearby states majorly West Bengal; often take a weekend trip to Odisha; they party and enjoy at the beach and reach home by Sunday evening. I know that nature has not been that kind to this state but Odisha has also managed to revive which proves how tough it is as a city.

The best part which I like about Odisha is that even after all the western culture being exposed to all over India; this city hasn’t forgotten its roots and has kept their native culture’s spirit alive and active. Odisha as a state has a lot of heritage and ancient monuments and there are hundreds of places which you can visit in this great state; but knowing the fact that you do not have the time to visit each and every place I will try to help you by talking about 7 cities which you should definitely visit on your next trip to Odisha.

7 Cities Which You Should Definitely Visit On Your Next Trip To Odisha

Bhubaneswar photoPhoto by Proxy Indian

1. Bhubaneswar

The first city to make it to the list of 7 cities which you should definitely visit on your next trip to Odisha is Bhubaneswar. It is the capital of Odisha and is known as the temple city of India. It is the largest city in Odisha and is known to have more than 2,000 temples. Now without further delay let me tell you the places, which you should visit, when you visit Bhubaneswar. Lingaraja Temple, Ratnagiri Buddisht Excavation, Mukteswar Temple, Dhauli Hill and Musuem of tribal arts and artifacts are a few places, which you should definitely visit when you visit Bhubaneswar.

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Puri photoFeatured Photo by La Priz

2. Puri

No matter where you stay in India, I am sure that you must have heard about Puri at least once in your lifetime. This city is famous for the way it celebrates its festivals and the ancient temples, which is present in the city. Beaches are a major reason so as to why Puri attracts a lot of tourism. Apart from the beaches, Puri is a religious place and draws thousands of worshippers every year. Chilika Lake, Jagannath Temple, Puri Beach, Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary, Konark Beach are a few places which you should definitely consider to visit when you reach Puri.

Cuttack photoPhoto by

3. Cuttack

Many people do not know this but Cuttack used to be the capital of Odisha but it remains the business capital of Odisha. Cuttack like other cities of Odisha attract a lot of tourism and is famous for its handicrafts. Cuttack Chandi Temple, Odisha Maritime Museum, Barnbati stadium, Mahanadi Barrage and Dhabaleswar Island are a few places which you should consider to visit on your next trip to Orrisa.

Barbil photoPhoto by Smeet Chowdhury

4. Barbil

The 4th entry to make it to the list of 7 cities to visit on your next trip to Odisha is Barbil. It is popular for possessing rich quality of manganese and iron deposits; and it stands fifth in the world at possession of iron and manganese deposits. Murga Mahadev Waterfalls, Gonasika, Badaghagara Waterfall, Sanaghagara Waterfalls and Deogaon are a few places, which can visit when you reach Barbil.

odisha photoPhoto by Trocaire

5. Bargarh

Bargarh is another city of Odisha, which attracts a lot of tourism. This place is famous for quite a few places like Kedarnath Temple, Gandhamardan, Papaharini, Chaldhar Waterfall, Nrusighanath Temple and Nrusimhanath waterfalls. Earlier this place used to be a part of Sambalpur and has also been visited by Hieun Tsang who was a great Chinese Traveler.

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Jeypore photoPhoto by Boston Public Library

6. Jeypore

The 6th entry to make it to the list of 7 cities which you should definitely visit on your next trip to Odisha is Jeypore. When you plan to visit Jeypore you face a choice; either to go for the sightseeing or the traditional tribal tour. Whatever your choice maybe, one thing that I can guarantee you is that you will end up having a great time. If you ever wished to experience rural life then Jeypore is the place where you want to be. Not just rural life; the city has amazing waterfalls and natural parks. Sunabeda, Minna Jhola, Kolab Falls and Duduma Falls are a few attractions, which you should visit when you visit Jeypore.

Rourkela photoPhoto by Proxy Indian

7. Rourkela

The last city to make it to the list of 7 cities which you should definitely visit on your next trip to Odisha is Rourkela. It is the second largest city in Odisha and is very famous for its huge steel plants. Talking about places, which you could visit, in Rourkela are Hanuman Vatika, Vaishno Devi Temple, Green Park, Ghogar, Nehru Traffic Park and Joranda falls.

Therefore, these were the 7 cities which you should definitely visit on your next trip to Odisha. Odisha is a very serene place and would surely make you feel a little relaxed. Unlike other cities, the place is really quite and visiting a few temples or beaches, which help you, feel a little relieved of your stress.

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