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Chunchi Falls, Perfect For Soaking In True Natural Beauty

There are numerous waterfalls in India that add beauty to the nature of the country and many of them lie in between Mekedatu and Sangama. The three rivers meet at a point named Sangama. Mekedatu is a valley which is rocky in nature. The Chunchi Falls is said to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the southern part of India.

The road towards this falls is full of lush greenery and beautiful scenery. It is located about 83 km away from Bangalore. A breathtaking experience is offered by this gorgeous road especially during winter and monsoon months. This place is most famous as a picnic spot. This waterfall has got its unique name from a tribal couple named Chuncha and Chunchi. The Chunchi Falls is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of commercialized urban areas as this area is mostly deserted.

On the way to the Chunchi Falls, you can see a watchtower. You can enjoy a panoramic 360-degree view of the beautiful scenery around this watchtower. This rock valley with the waterfalls and the deciduous forest is surely an amazing beauty to behold. If you love trekking then you can trek down to the falls to undertake an adventure.

A power station is situated near the Chunchi Falls. It used to have a large amount of water before the construction of the power station. No visitor is allowed to go closer to the falls as it is not only risky and dangerous. Many accidents have already occurred in this place. So, visitors are not allowed to stay here until late evening. When the night falls, the chances of occurring accidents increase. As there are strong undercurrents and a lot of crocodiles live here, so swimming in the water of the Chunchi Falls is strictly prohibited.

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Chunchi Falls photo
View from the boat by Nagarjun under CC BY 2.0

9 am to 6 pm is the standard visiting time for travelers. It does not have any entry fee, but the locals here charge Rs.30/- for car parking. The people of Bangalore consider the Chunchi Falls as the best weekend getaway near their hometown. A small natural pool is formed by this waterfall as it falls from a great height of 100 feet. A lot of travelers are attracted by the combining beauty of the waterfalls and the rock formations. You can surely have a great relaxation and enjoyment with your family. The area below the Chunchi Falls can be explored if you go all the way down to the falls. This flat area beneath the waterfalls also offers a great place to enjoy with your near and dear ones.

Sangam, Bheemeshwari, tourist spots of Mysore, Mekedatu Falls, and Galibore Fishing Camp are some of the many popular tourist attractions near the Chunchi Falls. You are advised to include Sangam and Mekedatu in your tour to the Chunchi Falls. The best time to visit this place is during sunrise. You will be led to this spectacular waterfall by a narrow rocky and muddy path. You can reach the vantage point by walking for only 10 minutes on gravel, sand, mud, and dirt. August to February is considered to be the best time to visit the Chunchi Falls. You should carry enough food and water as there is almost no restaurant near it. Mysore is the nearest airport to the Chunchi Falls.

To conclude, plan a one day trip to the Chunchi Falls to relax both your mind and soul by soaking yourself in all its natural beauty.

Featured Photo: Kaveri at Sangama by Nagarjun under CC BY 2.0

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