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Photo By Loimere

When we talk about Christian wedding, it is absolutely different from other weddings. Their weddings will be quite elegant. Indian Christian weddings are a concoction of Indian and Western culture. The blend of Indo-Western customs can be seen in the wedding rituals of Christian wedding. The bride’s wedding gown, the groom’s special blazers, decorated flowers in the church, pretty flower girls are the visual treat. Christian weddings are really fun to attend. The bride and groom take vows during the marriage celebration. Let see what they are.

The Pre Christian Wedding Rituals

The Pre Christian wedding rituals are done as a part of the tradition and most of them are fun making. These rituals make both of them stand away from shyness.

Engagement Ceremony:

In the presence of both the families, the engagement ceremony is announced in Church. This is the first ritual conducted before the wedding. Mostly the bride’s family conducts the engaging ceremony. The two families and their relatives attend the ceremony. In front of the family and friends, the couple exchanges their engagement rings.

The bridal shower:

In this Hen Party, the would-be-bride is showered by all her girlfriends. This is a last single woman party for the bride and it has been an enjoyable affair to her. She is showered with many gifts, blessings for a happy married life. In this occasion, the bride has to serve a pink cake to all the guests. A thimble will be buried in the cake. A girl who gets the cake with the thimble will be guessed as the next to be married.

Roce Ceremony:

This is an anointing ceremony. During the ceremony, a ritualistic bath is taken by both bride and groom. The relatives from both the sides dip their fingers into the oil and put a cross sign on the forehead, of the bride and groom. Oil is poured on the head; coconut juice is rubbed on the face, hands, forehead, and feet. After the ceremony, both bride and groom take bath. Then, the ceremony is followed by a prayer meet.

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Wedding Rituals:

Welcoming the bride

The bridegroom sends the car to pick up the bride. Soon after reaching the church, the bride receives a kiss and bouquet of flowers from the best man. Thus, in Christian marriage bride is welcomed. The father’s bride gives her hand to the bride at the altar.

 The Wedding Mass

Before the wedding ceremony, a mass is conducted in most of the Indian Christian weddings especially in Roman Catholic. The priest performs prayers, hymns. Following the prayer, both the old and new testament Bible is read. Though the priest chooses the version, the reading is done by groom or bride family.

The Wedding Vows

After completing the wedding mass, the priest initiates the marriage rituals by giving a short speech about the virtues of marriage. The Marriage vows are uttered by both the bride and groom. First, the priest utters the vows and the couple utters them after him. The vows are mostly loved messages and the couple promises each other that they will be always together in happy and sorrow situations. Then, the priest announces the pair as husband & wife. The commitments are made for their beginning of the new life.

Solemnizing of the Marriage

In Indian Christian Marriage, the groom ties Mangalsutra in the bride’s neck. But, nowadays, the young Indians would like to change the rings instead of tying Mangalsutra.

The Post Christian Wedding Rituals


A reception party is held to honor the couple after the marriage. In this vibrant occasion, the family members, friends, and newlyweds join. The occasion will be full of fun and play. The couple will cut the special cake before having their dinner.

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Featured Photo by [SiK-photo]

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