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Chorla Ghat – Experience Goa Beyond The Beaches

Whenever we hear about “Goa” 2 things come to our minds Beaches and Parties. That’s how Goa has been advertised throughout the country. However, Goa isn’t just limited to these 2 things. There are certain places in the state which have never or rarely been explored by the visitors. If you want to go to a place which is rich in biodiversity but has remained hidden from the eyes of other people due to the over-hype of Beaches then this article would really interest you. In this article, I would be talking about Chorla Ghat where you can enjoy the unconventional Goa. Here is everything you need to know about the place:

Chorla Ghat – Experience Goa Beyond The Beaches

Anjunem Dam, Keri Goa
Photo of ‘Anjunem Dam, Keri Goa’ by Joegoauk Goa under CC BY-SA 2.0

1. About the place

Chorla Ghat is one of the few places in India which has managed to maintain its natural beauty because it has still not been commercialized properly. It lies at the intersection of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Imagine yourself going through bridges, lakes; a place where you could just simply enjoy the beauty of the Western Ghats. Chorla Ghat offers you this kind of experience. You can see the mountain ranges of Sahyadri from here which is home to numerous flora and fauna. Due to the hype of Beaches, nobody cares enough to research about this place which makes this place unexplored and less crowded.

2. How to reach the place?

Chorla Ghat is well connected by road, rail and air. If you are coming here via airways then you would need to book your ticket to Goa Airport which is located at about a distance of 70 kilometres from Chorla Ghat. From the airport, you can rent a car or take the bus. If you are coming here via railways then you would need to book your ticket till Madgaon railway station which is located at a distance of about 30 kilometres from this place. From the station, you would get numerous options of buses or renting cars which would drop you at this place. It is said that if you are coming to go then the best option to travel would be via road. You can rent a bike or car and drive yourself to this place. The road has been incredibly maintained and, on your way, you would be coming across numerous restaurants and cafes to keep your tummy satisfied.

Chorla Ghat falls
Photo of ‘Chorla Ghat falls’ by Joegoauk Goa under CC BY-SA 2.0

3. Best time to visit

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Goa is one of the few places which attracts tourists throughout the year. However, if you are planning to come to Chorla Ghat I would suggest you visit this place during the monsoon season. During the monsoon, the flow of the waterfalls is massive and you would be able to witness the actual beauty of the entire region. Though there might be times where you get stuck but trust me that harassment is worth it. The best months to come to this place would be from June-September.

4. Best Places to visit

There are numerous places which you can visit in Chorla Ghat. I will try to narrow it down to the top 5:

1. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are an animal lover then you cannot afford to miss out on this place. It is located near Valpoii and is the home to more than 25 exotic and migratory birds. You can expect to see the Malabar Parkeet, Bulbul and Nilgiri pigeons which is present in huge numbers. There are other animals like sloth bear, panther, barking deer and gaur which you can expect to see at this place. If you are making the effort to come to this place then this place should be on the top of your travelogue.

2. Anjunem dam

This dam is located at a distance of 10 kilometres from the town of Sanquelim. If you are going to this place then make sure you carry additional clothes because there are 2 natural lakes located at this place where you could take a quick swim. Imagine, taking a swim in a water body which is surrounded by hills on all 4 sides wouldn’t that sight be majestic? That is the kind of experience which this place has to offer to you. Unexpected rainfalls are common at this place so make sure you carry an umbrella or a rain jacket

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Chorla Ghat falls
Photo of ‘Chorla Ghat falls’ by Joegoauk Goa under CC BY-SA 2.0

3. Twin Vajra Waterfalls

If you feel like trekking in this region then this place would be perfect for you. Just getting to this place is a wonderful experience. This place is like a 1-1.5-hour drive from Kankumbi and the road is incredibly steep so be careful if you are visiting this place during the monsoons. Water from these falls go down to the Mahadaye river and it is an incredible sight to behold. The view of the Western Ghats and Jamboti forests from this place is so marvellous that it looks like you are seeing a beautiful wallpaper. If you are trekking then it would take you about 6 hours to reach this place but once you do you would find all your efforts worth it.

4. Peak of Lasni Temb

If you like to trek then Chorla Ghat is a paradise for you. Do you remember the show “Man VS Wild” which used to be broadcasted on the Discovery channel? If you decide to go onto this trek you would have the same type of experience because of the forests here. if you are coming here during monsoons then make sure you buy appropriate footwear because the area becomes really damp and without proper footwear, it would become difficult to roam around. During the trek, you would hear the sound of birds chirping, come across beautiful butterflies and experience the wind blowing against your cheeks. Trust me it is an experience of a lifetime, don’t miss out on it!

As I said at the beginning of this article, Goa has been popularized for only 2 things – beaches and parties. However, there are way more things to do and explore in the region and Chorla Ghat is proof of that. It is a paradise for all the nature lovers, animal lovers and trekkers. The place has still not been commercialized properly due to which it has managed to maintain its beauty. If you are looking for a new place where you can get peace and at the same time enjoy a bunch of activities then Chorla Ghat is the perfect place for you.

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Featured Photo of ‘Chorla Ghat falls’ by Joegoauk Goa under CC BY-SA 2.0



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