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Located in Bastar Chhattisgarh, don’t consider the Chitrakote Waterfalls to be just another natural waterfall in the country. This is because this waterfall is the largest waterfall in India, and is also acclaimed to be the mini Niagara Falls of India. Yes isn’t this interesting? Don’t you want to know more about this astounding waterfall? So let me present to you the Chitrakote Waterfalls, yes the largest waterfall In Asia.

About Chitrakote Falls

The hilly topography of the state of Chhattisgarh makes it a perfect place for many waterfalls to gush down beautifully. And when we discuss waterfalls the majestic Chitrakote waterfall located Jagdalpur has to top all list.

The Chitrakote Waterfalls is a horseshoe shaped waterfall that is located near Jagdalpur. Jagdalpur is a small city in the beautiful state of Chhattisgarh. Located sophisticatedly amid immensely dense forest of the Vindhyachal Ranges, this waterfall is widely stretched between Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Falling from a height of 100 feet these waterfall offers one of the most magnificent views which will surely take anyone’s breath away. Indravati river i.e. is a tributary of river Narmada, this is the main source of this waterfall.

The Chitrakote Falls are located right in the middle of the Vindhyachal ranges. The breath of the waterfall varies across different seasons of the year. During the peak summer season the width narrows down this is because during the peak summer months the water level goes down. On the other hand during the monsoon season there is an increase in the breadth due to massive water proportion. To add one more thing about the monsoons at the Chitrakote Falls, just take a note that the waters during this time not very approachable as they are very violent. The falls look absolutely amazing during the monsoon seasons. The rain adds an enchanting effect to the waterfall making it green all around.

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Interesting Things About The Chitrakote Waterfall

Chitrakoot Waterfall photoPhoto by asim chaudhuri(

1. Largest & Widest Waterfall Of India

The Chitrakote waterfalls as I said is extremely popular as the Niagara falls of India. This is no ordinary waterfall as it is the largest waterfall in the country which falls from a massive height of around 100 feet. The waterfall is 1000 feet wide which also makes it the widest waterfall in India. You got to believe, this is huge.

2. Horseshoe Shaped

The Chitrakote waterfalls has a horseshoe shape, this is one reason why it is called the Niagara Falls of India.

3. Changes Colour With Every Season

This waterfall changes its colour with every season. Yes it’s true, and the reason behind this colour change is the changing climatic conditions.

4. Guess How Much Water Falls Every Second

Can you even guess how much water falls off from the Chitrakote falls every second? You will be surprised, but let me tell you that around 20 lakhs litres of water falls every second. Isn’t that too much, just in case you don’t understand think how much water you drink in a day. I am sure not more than 5 litres, now put this into that perspective and calculate.

5. Pressure Of Falling Water

You will be surprised to know that the pressure of falling water from the Chitrakote waterfalls is correspondent to the height of 500 elephants.

6. Don’t Miss The Monsoons @ Chitrakote Waterfalls

During the monsoon season there is an increase in the breadth size of this waterfall due to massive water proportion. But as I said earlier take a note that the waters during this time not very approachable as they are very wild and violent. The falls look absolutely amazing during the monsoon seasons. The rain adds an enchanting effect to the waterfall making it green all around.

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7. Best Time To Visit

Like i said in the last point, you just can’t miss the monsoons at the Chitrakote Waterfalls. However to have the best ever experience of this waterfall visit the season during and after the monsoon. i.e. between July and October.

How to reach Chitrakote Waterfall?

Jagdalpur is very popular city of the state of Chhattisgarh. This city is very well connected with the rest part of the state. Chitrakoot is located at a distance of 38 kilometres from Jagdalpur. To reach the Chitrakote waterfall frequent bus and taxis services are available. You can also hire a private car to reach there.

I bet visiting the Chitrakote Waterfalls would be one of your best experiences of spending a day in the nature’s lap. So when you visit the post popular religious Hindu pilgrimage centre Chitrakoot make to do Hari darshan, make sure you visit the Chitrakote Waterfalls at least once. This waterfall is one of the most popular and all-time favourite picnic spots in the town. A variety of people from different zones come here to spend a day relaxing by the beautiful waterfall. It’s a treat for photographers, painters, joggers and yoga practitioners, the reason is simple its mesmerising beauty.

Got something to share about the Largest Waterfall of India – Chitrakote Waterfalls? Why don’t you share it with us as comments?

Featured Photo by asim chaudhuri(

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