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Udaipur is undoubtedly one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in India. It is often known as ‘Venice of the East’. Udaipur is an internationally famous destination. It is home to majestic palaces and havelis, museums, beautiful temples, art galleries and lakes. You are sure to fall in love with this city with its boat rides to enchant and its greenery in abundance. The major cities of India are connected to Udaipur through land rail, and air.

Udaipur, the capital of the former princely state of Mewar, is a historically and culturally rich city and is also popular for the destination wedding. The city’s iconic City Palace and Lake Palace are some of India’s most striking architectural marvels.

When To Visit

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To visit Udaipur, the best time is the duration between September-March. The duration between March – June in Udaipur constitute summer season. Evenings in Udaipur are relatively pleasant while the days are very hot. The temperature ranges between 40-45 degree Celsius. The festival Mewar is usually celebrated during this period. It is celebrated with show and pomp which is very interesting to be enjoyed in Udaipur.

The duration between July – October in Udaipur constitute monsoon season. The mountain range surroundings turn scenic and lush green although very less rainfall is received by the city. For budget travelers, it is the perfect time to visit Udaipur as they are able to get good hotels and traveling deals during monsoon months. This is also called the off seasons period in Udaipur.

The duration between November- February in Udaipur constitutes the winter season. The minimum temperature ranges to 10 to 12-degree Celsius and the maximum temperature did not go beyond 30-degree Celsius. This period is known as the peak season. This season offers perfect climate for sightseeing and exploring the city to the tourists because of the soothing breeze in the air. In Udaipur, it is during this time that the annual Shilpgram Crafts Fair is held.

A Paradise

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Udaipur is a paradise for food lovers. The city is sprinkled with numerous restaurants which offer mouth watering Rajasthani delicacies and other cuisines. Udaipur is definitely the most serene of all places in India.

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Udaipur is also known for its colorful ethnic wear, leather bags, knick-knacks, paintings, miniature and other traditional handicrafts. It’s a shopper delight to shop in Udaipur. One can shop for these specialties of Udaipur in the street markets, these street markets are narrow lanes full of shops and restaurants on both the sides. The local people are quite friendly and colorfully dressed.

Shopping At Chetak Circle

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One of the most prominent shopping areas in Udaipur is the Chetak circle. Throughout the year a large number of local and foreign tourists visit this place. Chetak circle makes a wonderful and awesome display of Rajasthani goods and items. This bazaar helps in making Udaipur as one of the best tourists attractions in India.

Chetak Circle famous for the traditional Rajasthani products is a great place for shopping. For selling genuine handicrafts the government run stores in Udaipur. Chetak Circle is home to a bustling market in Udaipur. Tourists from all over the world flock here looking into the colorful little shops. Tourists have a good time shopping and join the merry throng here in Udaipur. The eye-catching puppets of Rajasthan, are sold here which is so often seen on celluloid or television, The colorful puppets depicting macho men, mustachioed, and beautiful women decked in traditional finery are famous all over. The details of their attire, from bandhani turbans to tinsel-fringed this makes them even more attractive. Tourists buy these puppets to decorate a corner of the home or gift them to children, who will enjoy playing with them. This is a great opportunity to introduce the culture and arts of India to the little ones in a fun way!

Some other popular products like folk toys, fabrics painted by hand, dye saris, tie, silver jewelry, and paintings are found in the shops of Chetak circle. The major draw of the bazaars of Udaipur are the paintings especially the miniature paintings. The paintings are made of wood and silk, marble, silk and ivory and paper. Images of different Hindu mythology gods and goddesses are made of these paintings. One dominant theme of the paintings are the images of Pichwais. This renowned Pichwai painting is one of the popular buys of the city. The paintings are also dominated by the Lord Krishna backgrounds. Phad paintings are also displayed in almost all the shops of Chetak circle for which the tourists can look for in Udaipur. Some other major and beautiful attractions of the shops in Chetak circle include the Kundan jewelry, silver jewelry, precious stones and much more.

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In Chetak circle, Greetings cards, valuable stones, brass wares, wooden boxes are beautifully painted and are sold here. Most of the items that are found and sold in Chetak circle in Udaipur are hardly found in rest of the parts of the country. Shopping in Udaipur gives tourists the opportunity to get an idea about a typical local bazaar of Rajasthan which gives an enriching experience to them.

One of the essential parts of Udaipur shopping is bargaining. The more the tourists know the art of bargaining, the better will be the buy. It is necessary for the tourists to bargain because the shopkeepers of this market are known to set high prices of the items that are sold here. The skill of bargaining helps the buyers to know the right price of the items and products which they are buying.

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Bada Bazaar, Hathi pol, Bapu bazaar, Jagdish temple for its stalls and Palace road are also some of the other popular shopping areas of Udaipur. The various shopping areas of the city help the tourists to know about the tradition and culture of Rajasthan.

We can say that Udaipur is a city full of surprises. These surprises can be discovered only after visiting this beautiful city, so plan a trip as soon as possible.

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Chetak Circle – Home To Bustling Market In Udaipur

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