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Cherrapunji or Cherrapunjee as we call it is one of the most renowned places in the state of Meghalaya, India. The one major reason which contributed to its popularity is the fact that earlier it used to record for receiving the highest rainfall every year. Earlier it was the first, but now it is the second wettest place on the earth. First being Mawsynram, which is also located in the same state. Well apart from the shift in position nothing else really changed about magical Cherrapunji. 

Cherrapunji is full of surprises; one can never imagine how much it has to offer. It is also known as ‘Jewel Crest of Meghalaya’; well it does deserve that title. Nested in the East Khasi Hills and which falls at a distance of about 56 kilometres from Shillong (the capital of Meghalaya). Cherrapunji is truly magical is all ways. Let’s explore Cherrapunji a bit more today.

Cherrapunji: An Awesome Place to Travel

Cherrapunji photoPhoto by ChanduBandi

Apart from the being known for the Rains, Cherrapunji is also known for its beautiful waterfalls, living bridges, limestone caves and end number of sight scenes for every travel enthusiast to enjoy. Cherrapunji was originally known as Sohra. The British pronounced it as ‘Churra’ and later on the name changed to Cherrapunji. The name Cherrapunji typically means “land of oranges”.

Irrespective of drastic amount of rains this place is a great one to visit. Well Cherrapunji is not really much known from the travel point of view. Here are few things you need to watch out when you visit Cherrapunji.

1. Mesmerizing Waterfalls

There are many beautiful waterfalls at this place, like Dain Thlen Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls and Nohkalikai Falls are few of them. Most of the waterfalls are pretty easy to access from Cherrapunji.

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2. Stunning Caves

There are many stunning caves located very close to this town and each one of them is worth visiting. One of the most famous one is the Mawsmai Cave which lit up with halogen lamps and is around 820 feet long. The mawsmai cave is located at about 6 kilometers from the town. As I said there stemming striking caves here but most of them are quite unexplored hence untouched.

3. Living Bridges

Another natural wonder worth seeing are the living bridges which are not built but actually grown by the local people. Unlike the man made Bridges these Bridges are grown, the secondary roots of Ficus elastica tree grows above the ground surface and there are the ones typically used for making the living bridges. The entire process of developing living bridges is pretty long as it takes about 10-15 years. But the wait is all the worth as these Bridges last for more than hundreds of years. Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge is one of the oldest living bridges in Cheerapunji. This bridge is over 500 years old and is still standing strong. The Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge is unique and one of its own kinds across the globe, this bridge consists of two bridges one above another.

Best Time To Visit Cherrapunji

Well you will be surprised to know that Cherrapunjee receives rainfall for around eight months in a year. The Rains usually strike the town from March to October. Most of the rain takes place during the month of June and July. The months from November to February are almost dry. For those looking to enjoy real Cherrapunji with the rains and the scenic beauty then monsoon is the best time. But for those who are looking to make explore and love adventure and outdoor activities then visit Cherrapunji during winter season from November to February.

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Large scale destruction of forests is making the town of Cheerapunji suffer a lot. Every year post monsoons the town actually dries up, making it immensely difficult for the locals to even find water to drink. Cherrapunji is an awesome place to unwind and enjoy, the nature needs to be saved or else the beauty of this place would be lost forever. 

Did you like reading about the Cherrapunji, The Jewel Crest of Meghalaya? Have you visited this place before? If yes do share some interesting things about this magical place with us as comments.

Featured Photo by 2ilorg

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Cherrapunji, The Jewel Crest Of Meghalaya

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