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Chennai – Place of Culture, Arts, Music, And Dance

Chennai formerly called “Madras” was once under the influence of great dynasties like the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Pallavas, and the Vijaynagar Empire. In the beginning it was a fishing village whereas now it has developed into a metro city that offers people a wide range of business and educational opportunities.

Only in recent days, this city has reached its metro city fame after the establishment of colleges, companies, business, hospitals, film cities, and with the growing popularity of places like Marina beach, Arignar Anna Zoological park and Kapaleeshwarar Temple.


Considered as the door way to South India since people of different state, language, and religion reside here, this is a place where people carry rich cultural heritage embedded in the form of food, arts, music and dance forms, and dramas. Being a cosmopolitan city, Chennai also has a traditional and authentic face which encourages various art forms to reach popularity and the people performing the art form with glory and fame.

Tamil Nadu is famous for ilyal, isai and nadagam which is nothing but the music, dance and dramas. Below are few art forms which are quite popular in and around the city.

Dance forms

Few dance forms which are very popular in Chennai are Bharatanatyam, Kolattam, Kavadi, Karakam dance, Puravi attam, Oyil, Kummi, Kuravaik-koothu, Kazhaikoothu, Kummi navasandhi, Bommalattam, Arayar natanam, Podikazhi attam and leather puppet show.

The chennaiites make sure that these dance form move from one generation to another by establishing “kalaikenthra” and “natiyalaya” for kids who are interested in dance forms. These are essentially dance schools.

Dance – Drama

Like dance, dance-drama is one of the art forms which are quite popular and interesting to watch. Some of these are Kuravanji, Bhagavatha mela, and Harikatha kalakshepam.

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Folk Music 

Best part about Chennai is the Folk Music which is very popular and simple too. Few types of music namely Nayyandi melam, Sanku vadyam, Pura pattu or pigeon songs, Villu pattu, Lavani, Kappal pattu, Kanian attam, and Kuthu pattu are still in practice which enables the singer to express their talent as well as they entertain people too.

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Chennai – Place Of Culture, Arts, Music, And Dance

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