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India has so much to offer isn’t it ? Well lets think what’s beyond the temples for a change and trust me you will surely be shocked by the surprises you get in each and every town which comes your way. India is full of mysteries; mysteries in the form of history and some time strange natural phenomenon which will probably leave any one speechless. Thinking what I am trying to talk about? Well let me explain! Today I shall discuss one really incredible beach, a beach full of mysteries. It’s the Chandipur Beach in Orissa where the water disappears in front of your eyes. Yes it does, you have to trust me on this. Stay tuned while I take you on a walk to the Chandipur Beach.

Let’s Walk Into The Chandipur Beach

chandipur beach orissa photoPhoto by

Walking by the beach is something that you would have surely tried, but have you ever walked INTO a beach. Ok I haven’t gone mad. The Chandipur beach is located in Orissa near the Balasore village which is approximately 200 kilometers from Bhubaneswar the capital city. This is one of the most lesser known beaches in India and in reality it provides this unique opportunity where you can actually walk into the beach. This is because the sea water moves back some 5 kilometers away from the shore line. This happens during the ebb tide which is the time period between the high tide and the low tide. Isn’t this strange and mysterious? Well it surely is something so unbelievable. The mystery doesn’t end there, as once the water recedes it stays behind until the high tide comes. The water then literally ‘returns’ the back to the shoreline.

While the water moves back, you would see many people walking into the beach, many are scared too as they have lurking fear that the high tide might hit the shore any time and take them away too. An amazing and common site to see the locals riding their bikes into beach during this time. Well the locals are quite familiar with the timings of the tide, guess this is the reason they can freely attempt to ride their bikes at the beach.

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Chandipur Beach – It’s Just Not Another Beach But Nature’s Most Miraculous Phenomenon

There are end number of beautiful beaches in India, I am sure the Chandipur beach might look also look like any other beach in the country. But to experience the miraculous part of this beach you have to visit it, the India, experience is surely going to be quite unmatchable. Seeing the actually sea water disappearing in front of your eyes and then suddenly coming back, doesn’t that sound impossible but it’s true. Many people visit this place without even knowing about the strange phenomenon of this beach. Even the most casual wall on the beach can prove to be a mysterious one. Your eyes would see magic by the end of the day. This receding activity occurs twice in a day during the ebb tide. But there isn’t a fix time as changes depending upon the moon cycle.

Exploring Every bits of India can awe you and sometimes even shock you. We call beaches to be so enchanting because of their beauty but the . An experience that your eyes would see but mind would not believe. India is just not about temples and hill stations. But even full of natural wonders like the Chandipur beach. Have you followed any strange thing in India, come on share it with us too.

Featured Photo by psubhashish

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