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Do you know the meaning of the word ‘Khass’? In case you don’t, Khass means special. Yes Chandigarh truly is the most Khass City of India for many reasons. Chandigarh is one of the most ideal places in India, perfect for a refreshing trip. This city blends together perfectly, one of the most amazing climate, extraordinary structures and beautiful horizons. But in order to feel and understand the real warmth of this city, you actually have to check it out by being there. Until you plan a visit to the Khass City Chandigarh, let me take the pride of introducing you to this wonderful city.

Chandigarh: There Is Something Enchanting In The Air Of This City

Chandigarh city photo

Photo by Rishu83

I know you must be thinking if it’s a fairy land or something, as I called it Khass and Enchating. But to leabe jokes apart there is something really special about this place which attracts you again and again. Be it the atmosphere, the delicious food or the out-going people, every bit of this little town is totally amazing.

Wakhra Is Chandigarh

Ok do you know what ‘Wakhra’ means? Well let me tell you first that this is a Punjabi word, it typically means Different or Unique. Well this was one perfect term to describe Chandigarh, as it truly is unique in all terms. Chandigarh has a lively Punjabi community which offer ones of the warmest hospitality to every single person who visits the city. In fact there level of excellent hospitality is something no one across the globe can every match.

I guess each and every town becomes more vibrant with the crowd, especially the youngsters. When it’s Chandigarh the place looks totally awesome with Lamborghini, Mercedes, bullets, bikes, Gabru Jawans and the Soni Kudis.

10 Interesting Things About The Chandigarh City

Today join hands with me to celebrate the lively spirit of Chandigarh. Here are 10 top interesting reasons which make this beautiful city so very KHAAS and much more closer to our hearts-

1. India’s Most Planned city

Chandigarh is a very different city when compared to the other cities in India. It’s green, clean and also one of the most important things today safe. This city is the most well-planned city in India. Chandigarh was designed by Le Corbusier a French architect. The city is neatly divided into different sectors; it has wide and well-connected roads with beautiful landscapes roundabouts. The only sand thing is traffic, which like the other cities has not spared Chandigarh. Presently Chandigarh too is facing this one common issue.

2. The ‘Bullts’ & ‘Kineys’

Well don’t worry this isn’t about Biology here. To put it in simple words, the boys in Chandigarh do not leave their homes withouth their ‘Bults’ and the girls without their ‘Kineys’. These ‘Bults’ are nothing but the Bullet Bikes, boys here love to ride bullets, and Bults is the nickname. Likewise the ‘Kineys’ is the Kinetic Scotty, these are the best friend of every girl in Chandigarh.

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3. Always Happening crowd

You have to check out the every happening crowd in Sec 17, Gedri route and Sec 15 in Chandigarh. You wouldn’t notice how time would just fly away nibbling on an ice cream.  If you want to check out the real crowd in Chandigarh, you have to visit Sec 17, trust me there is nothing that you can every compare to this huge and happening crowd. Sector 17 has many malls and many coming up soon, like Elante Mall and several other malls. If I have to give the number one position to any place here specifically for the crowd, then without a doubt Sec 17 will top this list. Well it’s definitely the crowd that make this place lively, but what supports them perfectly is the beautiful shady trees, cool breeze and wide open sky. Perfect place to relax even on those hot summer days. Apart from sec 17, you can also check out Gedri route and sec 15 in the evening.

4. Sukhna Lake

This beautiful Sukhna Lake is an all-time companion for many in Chandigarh. Whether in love or depressed many people come to this lake to share something. Sukhna Lake is a perfect spot for those looking to propose their special someone, date, enjoy long walks and also even dump off their sorrows.

5. Delectable Food At The Best Desi Punjabi Dhabbas

Food is one of the most important factor to mention when talking about any place in India, isn’t it? Well Chandigarh is about some of the best Desi Punjabi dhabbas. Chandigarh has some of the most popular Desi Punjabi Dhabbas that offer some of the most delicious food. Before I forget, one of the most remarkable Dhabbas is the Tehel Singh’s Dhaba located in the Sec 22, trust me you just can’t miss this place. Each and every sector in Chandigarh has their own range of Dhabbas, and each offer something which is special. They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods and all are equally scrumptious.

6. Best Night Clubs

Ok this one is for the owl types. If you love to party, let me give you one fact everyone in Chandigarh loves to party. So be it the rags or riches Chandigarh offers the most perfect options to party for each and every one with some of the best night clubs. Well post partying head up straight to the paranthe walas near PGI in Madhy amarg. Some of the popular party destinations in Chandigarh are Hops & Grains, The Peddlers and The Blue Blazers. Night life in Chandigarh has grown from zero to pretty high, today it is one of the most happening places for all night affairs.

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7. Finest Traffic Police In India

I know no one likes to be caught by traffic police, it’s definitely an harassment. But if you break rules you need to be punished too. But with the rising corruption, we see how traffic police take bribes and leave the culprits. Well at Chandigarh this isn’t how things work, as the traffic police in Chandigarh is probably the best in entire India. Don’t even dare to ignore even the minor traffic rules, yes be ready to pay challans as they won’t spare you and you can’t bribe them and get away. If you survey, a majority of people in Chandigarh have been challenged at least once.

8. Most Welcoming Neighbors

Festivals is about being together, and when it comes to Chandigarh it’s even more special as all people like to be one big family and celebrate it together. So be it Lohri or Basant every person likes to celebrate the festivals together and share every delicacy with each other. So get ready for some delicious Butter chicken and Sarson ka saag from your neighbour. Unlike other cities in India, Chandigarh has extremely welcoming neighbours. Guess this is another reason that makes Chandigarh truly beautiful isn’t it?

9. Gorgeous Countryside Surroundings

Chandigarh is surrounded with yellow and green fields of mustard and wheat. This place has one of the most beautiful countryside surroundings to offer.

10. Car-O-Bar

I am sure you would be surprised with this term Car-O-Bar. Well nothing to worry, this is basically a juggad to drink late at night. They do it in the dickey of the car in Sector 8. Well it might sound wired but they all do it in style.

No matter how much I describe this place in words, but to get a real feel of this lively city, you have to visit it at least once. Like me I’m sure even you won’t want to come back from there. Have you already been to Chandigarh? Do you have anything special to share about this special city? Please feel free to share it as comments.

Featured Photo by Rishu83

Chandigarh The ‘Khass City’ Of India

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