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Chandertal Lake – The Moon Lake

Chandertal lake is the remote water lake also called to be the Moon Lake is sterile however good-looking lake at is located at the highest altitude of about 14000 feet in Spiti Valley that is situated in the Lahaul and Spiti district of the north part of Himachal Pradesh.

The Lake got its name has moon lake because of its crescent shape structure of the water lake that similarly resembles the shape of the moon. In Hindi, the word “Chandra” means the moon and “taal” termed as the lake. Chandertal Lake is not that much big where its length about 1 km long and about 05 km in width.

Chandertal Lake is the prevalent destination for the venture junkies who desire to trek as well as love to have a camp in wilderness land. The Chandertal Lake is easily reachable trough roadways otherwise by walk from Batal and Kunzum Pass. It would be 8 km long if you take a trek from Kunzum Pass to the Chandertal Lake. This trek is fairly treacherous since the track or pathways are somewhat steep.

Chandra taal photoChandra Taal Lake by binnyva under CC BY-SA 2.0

Earlier on Chandratal there will be a not many of camps that afford travelers by lodging plus food. You can only see tents and certainly not any extra kind of lodging possibilities will be available in case any of them wish to spend their night at Chandratal. The campsites at Chandertal comprise massive dining tents also for toilets the tents will be pitched up for toilets apart from the tents that are used to stay. The tents which are put up there will be of a reasonable quality where you will be offered with mattresses and blankets only inside the tent.

There is a small stupa in the entry point which is covered with prayer flags also wishing stones packed everywhere around the lake. People who live there have a widespread belief that you can make a wish by means of piling up flat seven stones one by one on the top. Though the lake water temperature is usually cold, you can enjoy swimming there which is allowed in the lake. So as to preserve the lake zone from pollution free, vehicles are not permitted from coming to the lake directly. Around the lake Camping is also prohibited.

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You reach Chandertal Lake by renting a private vehicle otherwise, you can make use of the government bus that runs every day from Manali and Kaza at the time of July until September. We have suggested some possible ways of reaching Chandratal Lake.

You can choose either Manali or Kaza from you can reach Chandratal Lake easily.

From Manali to The Chandratal Lake (That is approx 130KM) : Manali –> The Rohtang Pass(might be 4000m) -> Then Gramphoo –> The Chattru –> Battal –> Finally Chandratal Lake

From Kaza to The Chandratal Lake (That is approx 99KM) : The Kaza -> then Losar -> Kunzum La Pass(about 4550m) ->Finally Chandratal Lake

Finest time to sightsee: Since the region falls under alpine zone it will be very cold at the time of winter also the temperature can drop fine under even -25 degrees sometimes. The temperature usually falls while the night commences then might drop to a temperature of 3 degree Celsius also in the months of summer the same temperature drop happens. In the winter, the Chandratal Lake will be frozen. Though cold all through summer, snowfall could occur any time of the year. The best time to explore Chandratal lake is the between the month of July to Sept.

First glimpse of Chandratal by SRitwik under CC BY-ND 2.0


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