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Chandertal Lake: A Moon-Shaped Sweet Water Lake In Himachal Pradesh

Heard of this Hindi word “Chandra”? I am sure you would have, this word means moon for those who don’t know. We all know how beautiful the moon is isn’t it? Well the destination that I am going to talk about today surely has taken some inspiration from the beauty of the moon. Today we are going to explore the Chandertal Lake which is located in the northern part of Himachal Pradesh. The most interesting thing about this lake is its beautiful crescent shape which resembles the mesmerizing moon.

Chandertal Lake: Chandra & Taal

I already spoke about the name of this lake, Chandra as I said means moon. The world Taal means Lake. The credit of this beautiful name goes to the beautiful crescent shape that would remind you of the moon, hence the beautiful name – “Chandertal”.

A Beauty Located Amidst Gigantic Himalayan Mountains

Chandertal Lake or the moon lake as many call it is located in a picturesque location. This lake located in the middle of gigantic Himalayan Peaks on all the sides. Typically located in Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh the lake is set at an altitude of around 14100 feet.  This beautiful lake is around 1 kilometre in length and 0.5 kilometres in width.

This is a remote sweet water late, people say earlier it was a resting point for many voyagers and traders who used to come from the regions of Tibet or Ladakh.

Chandertal Lake: Time For Some History And Stories

I feel each and every popular destination in India is actually backed up with some history and stories of its own. So how can the Chandertal Lake not have one, legends say that the very Lake is the spot from where Lord Indra had taken Yudhishtra (the eldest Pandava brother) in his human form to the heaven (Swarga) in his chariot. People around the neighbouring villages of this lake also say that very often fairies visit the Chandertal Lake at midnight.

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The Changing Colour Of The Chandertal Lake

One of the most interesting features of this lake is the changing colours. Don’t worry it’s not magic but the effect of the changing colour of the sky that is reflected by the lake. This is an awestruck moment to capture, so if you like photography captures it in your lenses. The lake actually shimmers and the credit goes to the green-carpeted Chandra Baga peak.

Popular Destinations For Adventure Lovers

chandra tal lake photo
RoadToChandraTal by 4ocima under CC BY 2.0

Yes if you are an adventure lover, then the Chandertal Lake is a totally perfect place to be. Your wish for hiking and camping in the wilderness will surely come true. Visitors can access this lake by road or foot from the Kunzum and Batal Pass. The trek to Chandertal Lake via Kunzum Pass is around 8 kilometres long. Since the trail is quite steep the hike journey is treacherous, hence be careful.

The hike passes through two high altitude lakes which are surrounded by beautiful snow- capped mountains. There are end number of wild flowers, stunning different coloured stones and also a patch of land that is struck by lightning on the way of this trek. It is very easy to spot this patch as it is barren and located amidst the green lush mountains. Well the hike is very difficult, I feel this is more for the amateurs.

The temperature of the Chandertal Lake is usually cold, but swimming is permitted here. Also remember to keep this area free from pollution, vehicles are prohibited to come right up to the lake. Even camping around the lake is not allowed and strictly prohibited.

Kunzum Pass One Of The Most Treacherous And Aggressive Roads

Kunzum Pass is considered to be one of the most treacherous and aggressive roads across the globe. There are end numbers of road blocks along the way, also since the pass is located at a great height the level of oxygen can drop. So if you really wish to trek to the Chandratal Lake then ensure that you are pretty well equipped. A good hiking gear consisting water, winter wear, hiking pole and a decent pair of shoes is what you would need.

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Another important thing to note about this destination is that the food and stay options available here are very expensive. This is because this area is very inaccessible and located at quite some distance from the civilisation.

Make A Wish And It Will Come True

There is one more interesting thing about the Chandertal Lake and that isA the small stupa which is covered with end number of prayer flags and wishing stones. You would see many prayer flags and many stones piled up all around the Chandertal Lake, I feel these are a symbol of beliefs of end number of people who have visited here. Well don’t get confused, there is a story behind this. Local’s belief that by piling up seven flat stones one on top of the other and making a wish here actually turns the wish into reality. So don’t forget to make one wish for yourself.

Accessible Only During The Summers

This beautiful lake is accessible only during the summer season. June, July, August and September are the best months to visit the Chandertal Lake. Remaining time of the year this lake is usually frozen up.

One of the best times to visit this mesmerising lake is during a new moon or a full moon night. If you happen to visit this lake during the full moon night day you would see that the reflection of the full moon actually makes the entire lake sparkle up; this is a truly magnificent experience. On the other side on the new moon night, you would be able to see millions of shooting stars. The view looks like a true heaven.

India has so many magnificent lakes, each of them is special in its own way. Chandertal Lake is surely one of the most magnificent lakes in India. And you have to experience its beauty for real.

Have you visited the Chandertal Lake? Please do share your experience with us as comments below.

Featured Photo: ChandraTal by 4ocima under CC BY 2.0



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