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Unconventional Ceremonies In Punjabi Wedding

Weddings are the time of the year where the sparkles and glitters come out. The institution of marriage binds together two families into one. Punjabi weddings have lots of upbeat vibes going around. The Roka ceremony, Mehndi, sangeet and don’t forget the dancing; every Punjabi wedding is one to remember.

With the world moving fast, perspectives changing, not many still stick to the traditional wedding ceremonies. A little club of things will always have the same effect. Punjabi weddings can take an unconventional turn and always be a beautiful affair with friends and family.

Unconventional Ceremonies In Punjabi Wedding

What are a few unconventional ideas?

Significant time and effort are put in the wedding planning. Punjabi weddings are all about fun and masti. The amount of time and patience needed is a lot. Wedding planners take the heat and stress upon the new ideas to spice it up and make the wedding a memorable moment.

  • Ditching the idea car/ Ghodi might come out as a strange thought. It isn’t if you believe in adding an oomph factor and entering your wedding with the bride in style.
  • The Baraat doesn’t mean only the groom’s side can have all the fun. Switch it up; the bride can visit her in-law’s place with her gang.
  • Themed Punjabi weddings require a few changes that put it apart from the usual fashion. The theme of the wedding rests on the decision of the bride and groom.
  • The wedding needs to be perfect, most notably the couple getting married should like all the arrangements. Change the traditional mandap designs, Varmala and customize them.
  • Usually, the bride and groom start the dances, juggle the ceremony by letting the groom or bride dance with her/his in-laws.
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Punjabi ceremonies have their own belief of connection and fulfillment of age-old traditions. It wouldn’t hurt to change a few concepts to add a little bit of fun on your big day.

What are the benefits?

Punjabi wedding ceremonies are all about tradition and also the captivating grip they have on the wedding.

  • Out of the box, ideas will click to make memories. Even decades down the line, you will still remember the unconventional ideas.
  • By ditching a few ceremonies, the cost of the wedding will come down unless you are aiming for a big fat Punjabi wedding.
  • Adding a touch of both the groom’s and bride’s life into the wedding decoration and ceremonies will make the day even more special.


No matter how the ceremonies are carried out or in which way the wedding is performed, in the end, it’s about forming a bond. The customs and traditions if valued will have a strong influence over the wedding. With the same respect, switching them up a bit will leave no stone unturned. Unconventional or conventional, conviction and trust are essential. The vividly portrayed Punjabi culture offers fun with tradition. Punjabi weddings are usually the talk of the town, and with an unconventional spark, they will only get better and better.

Featured Photo of ‘The ceremony begins’ by Dan Ox under CC BY-SA 2.0

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