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Cardamom Tea – The Aromatic Tea With Amazing Benefits

Cardamom is the common household spice in almost every Indian kitchen. Its special aroma is loved by many, preferred as a key ingredient in many Indian dishes. The aromatic spice is abundantly used in India for preparing the spicy Cardamom tea. It spreads a wonderful flavor, creating a soothing feeling inside the mouth and throat.

. Tea lovers are realizing the good effects of consuming cardamom tea, a preferable option compared to the other varieties of tea. The preparation is quite simple and can be easily made with little effort. Cardamoms are available conveniently in almost all Indian grocery markets and stalls. All these advantages are persuading people to be inclined towards cardamom tea.

How to prepare Cardamom Tea?

Before learning how to prepare a spicy cardamom tea, let us first understand the different types of the spice. There are mainly two types of Cardamom – The Green one which imparts a strong and slightly sweet favor when brewed and the Black one with a refreshing fragrance and smoky flavor. You can prepare the cardamom tea and serve it both hot and cold.

The first step is to boil water in a vessel or a tea kettle. Next add the cardamom pods to the boiling water and reduce the flame. You may even turn off the heat at the end. The pods must be allowed to rest for about 5 to 6 minutes. Remove the pods and add sugar as desired.

Alternatively you can prepare the normal Masala tea with cardamom pods. For the perfect flavor grind the cardamom pods with black pepper, ginger, cloves and cinnamon sticks and mix them well. If you do not have the adequate utensils for grinding then you can buy powdered version of the spices from the market and mix them in appropriate amounts. Boil water and milk in a vessel and add the spice mixture into it. Heat it up sufficiently and add the black tea leaves used for preparing Masala Tea. Reduce the heat and rest the mixture for about 10 minutes. Once done, stain the mixture and add sugar for taste. Serve the tea hot and enjoy the wonderful flavor of the spices.

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The Essence of Cardamom Tea

The aromatic cardamoms, known as the Queen of Spices, are mainly grown in the southern parts of India. The states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka specialize in the cultivation of cardamoms. The flavor is better experienced once it’s smashed with a grinder. It imparts a special taste to the tea and wonderful fragrance that brings in relaxing and refreshing effect inside the human body. The tea is often served with some sweet snacks or maybe with some apple slices.

The Benefits of Cardamom Tea

Cardamom Tea or in fact Cardamom has immense health benefits. Once you start consuming it and your body tunes into its brilliance, then you would be thrilled by its stunning effects. This amazing spice has an efficient healing remedy for cough and cold. Its anti-oxidant properties increases the immunity power of the body and prevents the body from being prone to fever or flu. You can also add a tinge of honey to the tea for the additional effect of warmth inside the body.

Cardamom assists in the secretion of digestive juices from the body which in turn aids in digestion. It is recommended to drink cardamom tea after heavy meals for prevention of acidity and gastric related problems. The spice aids in movement of the food easily through the different organs of our digestive system, positively impacting the metabolism rate of our body.

Oral hygiene is an important factor of a good human health. Cardamom aids in maintaining a proper dental care by fighting bacteria and bad breath. Its anti-microbial properties acts as a resistant to germs causing oral diseases. Cardamom has an astonishing effect in regulating proper blood circulation and maintaining blood sugar levels. This is turn prevents the occurrence of heart related ailments and respiratory disorders. The body is energized and revived with its stimulating effect.

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People suffering from insomnia and sleeping disorders may think of drinking cardamom tea after meals. It creates a calm effect on the human body, cools from inside and ensures proper sleep during night. The stressed out mind and brain is relieved for anxieties and tensions, leading to complete relaxation.

Get habituated with Cardamom Tea

Tea addicts normally find it difficult to shift from their regular tea habits to a healthier version of the tea. But once you have a sip of the aromatic cardamom tea, you can feel the astounding effect of refreshment and calmness within your body. The benefits will be obvious once you get into the habit of consuming the spicy tea. It will enhance the energy levels of your body, boost your immunity and transform your health amazingly. Your digestive power will be uplifted to a great degree which in have a positive effect on your body weight. If you are struggling to maintain your body weight as per the BMI index, then you must surely try out cardamom tea.

You can drink the raw version of cardamom tea instead of the Masala milk tea version, if you are allergic to milk or sugar. The effect is much faster and better. It is advisable to consume it after meals to improve your digestive capacity and metabolism rate.

“Health is Wealth”, almost every one of us are aware this famous quote. So why not try out the natural remedies of the Indian common spices for a better health. It will surely do wonders and transform our life in a positive way.

Featured Photo of ‘Ginger-Cardamom Tea’ by Divya Kudua under CC BY 2.0


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