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Camel’s Back Road Is More Than A Jogger’s Point – Here’s Why

Revisiting a certain destination only to explore the other parts of the place is an amazing affair. A visit to Mussoorie is somewhat relatable to what has been stated aforementioned. When Kempty Falls or Happy Valley makes your trip fascinating, there’s one road that can bring in or fun to your trip! Camel’s Back Road, thus, has its prominence as one of the top attractions in Mussoorie.

From what you can see via camel’s back road Mussoorie photo, it is deal for a perfect weekend gateway! This road sings high praises of Mussoorie’s calm and composed environment. Romantic sunrises and sunsets are what attract tourists to visit this spot over and over again. Calling it a jogger’s paradise wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Camel’s Back Road in Geographical Terms

Mussoorie houses this road right at the heart of the city. And calling it one of the most amazing places to visit in Mussoorie is simply not an exaggeration! As the name suggests, the natural layout of rocks here is in such a manner that it looks like a hump of a camel right when you reach the end point of the road. A visit to Camel’s Back Road also gives you panoramic glimpses of Doon Valley. This 3-kilometer stretched road is well connected to major tourists’ spots of the city. While the starting point of the road is Library, it ends at Kulri Bazaar.

Camel's Back Road is More Than a Jogger’s Point – Here’s Why
Photo of ‘The Camel of Camels Back Road’ by Paul Hamilton under CC BY-SA 2.0

Camel’s Back Rd. In Historical Terms

Walking along the road would give you an amazing opportunity if getting indulged in the visual senses of so many historical events and mesmerizing experiences. It is one of the best places to visit in Mussoorie.

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The somnolent British Cemetery, which is over 180 years old building, is here would surely give you an eye-catching experience. To put it simply, it adds a mystical dimension to this road!

According to history, this building was established in the year 1829 and happened to be the resting point of a European, John Lang. It is believed that this legend represented Rani Laxmibai in one lawsuit against British in the cemetery at this road.

Another prominent personality resting in peace here is John Hindmarsh. Hindmarsh happened to be one among 100 survivors of 600  cavalry unit which charged at  Russian Guns during Crimean War because of some wrong communication. This incident has been immortalized by Tennyson in the poem – Charge of the Light Brigade!

The road’s history is certainly fascinating. It has been inextricably linked and deep rooted with British Raj whose aura now seems permeating the spot even in this 21st century! A visit to this road would leave you encountering the vibes right when passing the cemetery or the colonial bungalow!

Before You Visit

True, for a healthy walk, walking on this road with nature all around you can be a wonderful feeling. And if you have already checked the camel’s back road Mussoorie photo, you know how you have to be careful while walking along the road to avoid coming in the way of vehicles. The vehicles passing by might not be able to see you in front. Also, make sure you carry your camera and click the observed camel-humped structure and take its snap! Shopping destinations are lovely here. You can get yourself a post card or other items only to keep it as a memory! If you’re traveling solo, contemplating life yourself would be amazing here.

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Camel's Back Road is More Than a Jogger’s Point – Here’s Why
Photo of ‘Bandarpunch from Camels Back’ by Paul Hamilton under CC BY-SA 2.0

How to visit?

Since the road is right at the heart of the city, it has an access to major locations through auto rickshaw. The nearby railway station happens to be Dehradun railway station.

When to visit?

Keep in mind that during the summers, the road is a bit more crowded both in the morning and evening. May be, the spring time would be lovely to find peace in the lap of nature here. But again, you can decide that your own! Other amazing spots that you can visit from here are Kempty falls, Happy Valley, Mossy Falls, and more.

Amazing view of the Doon Valley, encountering the history of British Cemetery, mouthwatering snacks, and shopping, are some intriguing examples of visiting this nature’s delight. For a love experience, you can visit the spot your own!

Featured Photo of ‘Camels Back Road’ by Paul Hamilton under CC BY-SA 2.0

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