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Every traveler who comes to the state of Tamil Nadu make it a point to visit out the attractive and mesmerizing hill station termed Coonoor. The cold and fresh mountain breeze will not only calm your mind but will also relax your body. If you are thinking of taking a quick vacation to leave behind the stress of everyday life, then Coonoor is the place to visit. What most people do not know is it is also the home of an excellent cafe that specializes in serving vegetarian food. The name of this snack bar is Café Diem.

What makes Café Diem so unique?

A populous hill station like Coonoor has no shortage of amazing restaurants, which can boast of their elaborate and delicious menu. A large percentage of Tamil Brahmins are vegetarian by nature. They do not consume any meat, fish, or egg products. Thus, it is obvious that the hill station has some eateries, which serve only vegetarian cuisines. Café Diem is one such restaurant that has an all-veg menu. Being an all veg restaurant has not lowered the fan following of this eatery. In fact, several non-veg local customers make their way into this café to taste lip-smacking vegetarian food.

But these delicious dishes are not the only aspect that makes Café Diem so popular with the locals as well as the tourists. The experience of taking part in Café Diem fine dining is enhanced several folds by the location of this restaurant. The eatery welcomes its guests with a breathtaking view of the neighboring mountains and valleys. Some seating arrangement has been made on the open area, and it is tourists try to get a place in this section during winters. There is nothing more pleasurable than sipping piping hot coffee, accompanied by a dish from the Café Diem cuisine list and soaking up the warmth of the sun rays

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Specialty of the food served here

As already mentioned Café Diem specializes in offering delicious food that is vegetarian. The dishes are prepared with locally grown fresh produce. The inclusion of organic herbs in each Café Diem cuisine makes it all the tastier. Here you will be able to bite into a number of continental snacks from the Café Diem fine dining menu card. Coonoor is also the abode to many individuals of foreign source. The beauty of the Nilgiris does attract a high percentage of western tourists. Various kinds of sandwiches and pasts items can be spotted in the Café Diem cuisine list.

Special beverages and pies available in this eatery

Apart from the continental style snack menu, you will be able to take a sip out of cold and fresh juices in the summers. Many joggers and fitness freaks make their way into this eatery to have a fulfilling breakfast, which is both delicious and healthy. In the winters, you will be able to order coffee in the way you like it, green tea and other forms of gourmet tea. Café Diem also serves delicious home-made pies to hungry travelers. Both tourists and locals relish these dishes and enjoy their time munching on the snacks, sipping the drinks and indulging in a hearty conversation with the cafe owner.

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Catering to people from all sections of the society

The owner of bistro, Radhika Shastry opened in unique eatery a few years back. She found the city life too confining and wanted to do something that would give her a chance to meet new people and pursue her passion for cooking. She wanted to open a restaurant where people from all walks of life will be able to enjoy a hearty meal. So, the Café Diem food price is well within reach of all. It is a mystery how she manages to dish out such exquisite dishes as such low costs. The secret is the use of local produce, acquired from native farmers. It keeps expenses within limits, thereby allowing her to keep Café Diem food price reasonable.

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Café Diem: A Dining Experience Of A Lifetime For Individuals

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