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Buddhist Temples In Kolkata – Part 2

Those of you who are looking for places to visit in Kolkata, how about a quick day tour to the Buddhist temples in Kolkata? There are numerous Buddhist temples scattered around the city of Kolkata. A visit to these places provides a refreshed feeling of heart, mind, and soul and offers a great break from the monotonous life of the city, within the city.

  • Mahabodhi Buddhist temple at college square

Unlike other Buddhist temples in Kolkata, this one is quite popular and sits just on the heart city. This is located at College square, on Bankim Chatterjee street. It was founded by Anagarika Dharmapala in the year 1911, a Ceylonese monk. This building serves as the society for Budhhists in Kolkata. The temple contains a tooth of Lord Buddha which is displayed on Buddha Jayanti. Beautiful bright frescoes decorate the inside walls of the hall, portraying Lord Buddha’s life and incidents related to him.
Except for Sunday, it operates every day from 10 a.m to 5 pm.

  • Dharmankur Vihar at Bow Barracks:

This temple was established in 1903. It is located on Buddhist temple street, Nalanda square and on the east of Bow Barracks. It is operated by the Bengal Buddhist Association. This temple has a small shrine with a golden statue of Lord Buddha is sitting position. The temple complex has a nice courtyard and provides accommodation to Buddhist students, although students of all faith are welcomed to stay. There is also an in-house library.

  • Myanmar Buddhist Temple at Central metro :

Myanmar Buddhist temple is located on 10 A, Eden hospital road. This temple is also quite old. It was established by U San Min in 1928. Earlier it was known as Burma Buddhist Dharmasala. This three-storeyed building hardly gives the vibe of a temple. There is a provision for accommodation for Burmese monks in the building. The top floor has a large hall and inside it is a small yet nicely decorated shrine. You will be absolutely mesmerized by the stunning statue of Lord Buddha in white marble having a golden dress and crown, clearly reflecting Burmese style. With sunlight streaming directly on the statue, the look of the idol becomes spell-bounding. Several small statues, candles, lotus flower shaped lights and golden background decorations make the place very attractive.

Best way to reach the temple is to look for the horse riding black statue of Maharana Pratap near Central Metro station. The temple is adjacent to it.

  • Chinese Buddhist temple at Lake-town
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It is located on Jessore road. This temple was established in 1962. It has a hall with small shrines. It has a library too with handwritten religious scriptures. Uncrowded and not known to many, this may be your place to find some peace and quiet.

Featured Photo – Buddha Quote 25 by Hartwig HKD under CC BY-ND 2.0 

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