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Buck Up For The Upcoming Delhi Music Festival – Here’s What To Expect!

When fashion and music comes under one umbrella, when different types of audiences are given a chance to enjoy together, there’s nothing that can beat your tradition of getting indulged in a musical and fashion festival, safely called the Delhi Music Festival.

This year, Talkatora Indoor Stadium is going to bring the festival for three days. Give yourself a chance to get indulged in the vibes of this festival. Make yourself comfortable with the lip-smacking food here. Find happiness, and make your loved ones get an enthralling experience by attending its music concerts in Delhi. So, are you ready to know further on the festival? If yes, keep reading on!

Comprehensive details of the Audience Profile at Delhi Music Festival

The music events in Delhi Festival will bring together a wide range of audiences under one umbrella. The festival is not confined to the millennials and youth solely. Besides gen Y, it gives a wonderful opportunity for HNI individuals to spend time in this festival. Homemakers who have a keen interest in music can take their kids (of all age) and enjoy the gala festival.

As a working professional, you get the awesome opportunity to leave behind the hassle bustle of daily lives. Simply take a move to walk through the musical journey of this festival and get a relief from the daily drudges. Apart from them, Industry Specific individuals, Entrepreneurs & SMEs, CXOs, and Senior Management individuals can find happiness by attending the music concerts in Delhi here.

What to expect?

A homemaker whose daily life includes the household chores to perform on a regular basis can get indulged into this awesome festival. Besides concerning musical events, this festival gives a homemaker a reason to witness world-class fashion shows, happening here.

Besides music and fashion, the festival is an approach towards model hunting affairs. Get live experience of witnessing model hunts here in this venue from 16th to 18th of Feb this year. Take pride in watching the winner live and understanding this glamor world in brief. Apart from the aforementioned programs, the events in Delhi Music Festival are also a major highlight. There would be amazing food show as well as culinary festival.

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Expect prominent musical artists and fashion professionals coming under one umbrella, celebrating the festival in a gala manner. Give your taste buds a chance to pamper itself with the mouth-watering flavors of different cuisines. Relish your favorite beverage sip after sip, while enjoying the concerts and events here.

Is the festival televisioned?

It’s one of the events in Delhi that is not going to get televisioned, so one who’s interested in checking up what’s happening this year would have to buck up and reach venue on the given days accordingly. According to the expected size of the venue, it is expected to be in between 5000 and 20000.

Where do you get the tickets?

The best or worst (what you consider it to be) of the  music events in Delhi Festival is that it’s absolutely ticket-free, meaning that you don’t require purchasing a ticket of your own. The sponsorship deadline is one day right before the festival begins with bells and whistles.

Now, are you ready to go?

When you absolutely don’t have a Friday-after-office party, nothing’s working out on your favor on that weekend, no exciting plans are made, simply entering the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in Delhi can bring you amazing excitements, for it’s time to hail for the much-awaited Delhi Music Festival. So, are you ready to attend the festival?

Featured Photo of ‘Meshuggah #16’ by Parth Joshi under CC BY 2.0

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