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Thinking Vacation? Well this time don’t plan abroad, but consider some of the most enchanting places on our own gorgeous country. India has been hiding in its little heart a lot more than we know or even think. It is blessed with unsurpassed natural beauty, the most amazing wildlife, diverse traditions and end number of sites with historical importance. Our country is full of picturesque sights which are unbelievably beautiful and has the power to amaze you off totally. In fact these sites will heal you and rejuvenate you in a lot of ways. Today I bring for you a list of most breath-taking places in India perfect for a sabbatical.

8 Breath-Taking Places In India Perfect For A Sabbatical

So, if you are planning a vacation solo, with a friend, or in a group these places will be just perfect. So here let’s explore some of the most Breath-Taking Places In India perfect to soak in an experience unlike ever before:

Jami Masjid photoPhoto by Nagarjun

1. Jami Masjid – Mandu

Located in Mandu on a plateau, the Jami Masjid holds an historical importance for itself. The rulers of the Ghauri dynasty built this palace. Well don’t worry when I say history as these places holds some of the most intricate architecture. The architecture will surprise you as it gives a bright scope to uncover the mysterious past of Jama Masjid. Perfect for those who like to taste a bit of history for sure?

waterfall india photoPhoto by prakash_ut

2. Dhuandhar Waterfall – Jabalpur

The Dhuandhar Waterfall is also quite popular as the “Smoke Cascade”. Located at a distance of around 30 kilometers from Jabalpur, the Dhuandhar Falls has end number of reasons to amaze you. From the height of 98 feet the river Narmada falls down beautifully forming this colossal waterfall. The reason why it is called the Smoke Cascade is the effect of smoke rising from its base which is a result of the wave’s crash against the hard rocks. For people who love boating, there is a provision available here. So people get ready to relish an experience of a lifetime at the Dhuandhar Waterfall.

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national park india photoPhoto by Koshyk

3. Dumna National Park – Jabalpur

Here is another one from Jabalpur, the Dumna National Park. Located at around 10 kilometers from Jabalpur, this national park spreads across an area of around 1058 hectares. This is an eco-tourism site which has a large reserve of the wildlife. Jackals, wild boars, Leopards and porcupines yes you can see them all here. The Dumna National Park also as a separate children’s park, fishing area and restaurants, all these make this place a perfect getaway isn’t it?

pench national park india photoPhoto by lk photography&design

4. Pench National Park – Madhya Pradesh

The Pench National Park is located in the southern reach of the Satpura Range. This is a perfect treat for the travelers who like to write some jungle diaries. Since 1991 this national park has been a part of the Project Tiger. This national park is home to around 285 inhabitant and migratory birds. Another exciting feature to add to the mind blowing experience of this national park is the boat rides available to its numerous islands.

Taj Ul Masjid photoPhoto by Nagarjun

5. Taj Ul Masjid – Bhopal

A beautiful mosque placed in Bhopal, which was constructed by Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar (1844–1860) and Nawab Shah Jahan Begum (1868–1901). Both these emperors initiated the construction of this mosque but the gates of the mosque were finally opened in the year of 1975. So we can say this beautiful monument is a contribution of many artistic hands. Well as we can see this monument took a long time to get built, so don’t you think seeing something as beautiful as this will be totally worth? So next time you plan to go to Madhya Pradesh make sure you visit the Taj Ul Masjid.

Mandu Fort photoPhoto by mckaysavage

6. Mandu Fort – Dhar

On the edge of a 20 square kilometre plateau, the Mandu Fort is one of India’s biggest forts. This massive site is endowed with beautiful natural scenery. It was built at least 1500 years back. Interesting isn’t it you just have to explore this one.

Marble Rocks Bhedaghat photoPhoto by ajaytao

7. Marble Rocks – Bhedaghat

You can just never miss this magnificent sight, an awesome spectacle of Marble Rocks. This site can be viewed on a boat cruise on the River Narmada in Bedaghat.  I guess I need now give you many reasons for this one, trust me this amazing site will leave you speechless.

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india National Park photoPhoto by Koshyk

8. Van Vihar National Park – Bhopal

Opened in the year 1983 the Van Vihar National Park covers a total area of around 4.45 kilometer square. This national park is located in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. Despite the fact that this is a national park, it has been given the status of a zoological park. All the animals at the Van Vihar National Park are kept in a natural habitat. What makes this national park unique is that it offers the travelers an easy access through a road which passes through the park. The travelers enjoy the sight of the animals while cycling or in an car. Wild isn’t it? It’s a perfect way to feel close to the Mother Nature.

Did you notice something here? Well its India’s heart, which is home to a treasure full of surprises. And these places are the bright, raw, sparkly jewels which are rare on this planet, isn’t it? Well this was my little effort to encourage you to explore India even more, because these might sound tits bits but they are precious and will surely give you an experience of a lifetime.

Have something to share? Or have a place to add here? Share it with us right away. Also do let us know which of the above Breath-Taking Places In India was your favorite was. So what are you waiting for? Get Set Go Guys!

Featured Photo by ajaytao

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8 Breath-Taking Places In India Perfect For A Sabbatical

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