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Birla Planetarium Kolkata – The Place Where You Can Take A Walk Through The Stars

Science is the most important subject in our universe. It is a subject which tells us everything we need to understand and know about the universe. In recent years, it has made extraordinary discoveries which have totally revolutionalised the entire world. Slowly and steadily everything which was existent in theory is turning into existence in reality. Just last month, the black hole was just a concept but original photos were released by Event Horizon Telescope proving its existence. Now, Kolkata is one of the cities in India which is filled with scholars. The city has many Nobel award-winning laureates and if you are a science buff then there is one particular place which you cannot afford to miss out on and that is the Birla Planetarium. In this article, I would be sharing my experience when I visited this Planetarium.

Birla Planetarium Kolkata – The Place Where You Can Take A Walk Through The Stars

Birla Planetarium Kolkata
Photo of ‘Birla Planetarium Kolkata’ by Ankur P under CC BY 2.0

It’s a must visit because of the nearby tourist spots

My cousins were in town for a week and I was thinking from where shall I begin showing them the city. Birla Planetarium immediately came to my mind because if you visit this place then there are 3 places at a walking distance which you could cover. St. Paul’s Cathedral is located right next to this planetarium which is exceptionally beautiful. Victoria Memorial and Elliot Park are just 2-3 kilometres away from this place.

What’s unique about this place?

Birla Planetarium is also known as Taramandal. There are only 4 taramandals in India and the one in Kolkata happens to be the best among all of them. It is not only the largest one in Asia but is also the second largest in the world. It was inaugurated by Jawahar Lal Nehru in the year 1963.

What else is interesting?

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When I visited this place, I really didn’t expect much from this place apart from the stunning auditorium. But there are many other things which are present in the planetarium. Near the entry you would find a big hall, when you enter it you would be coming across a large variety of paintings some of them are more than 100 years old. Inside these halls, there is a room which has artificially made space items with which you can get photographed. In this room, there is also a weighing machine, when you stand to weight yourself you would get to know your weight on earth as well as what you would weight on the other plants and the moon. I remember I would weight like 12 kgs on the moon! There are many LCD screens as well which tell you interesting facts about our galaxy.

What is the show about and what are the timings?

The shows at the Birla Planetarium is played in 3 languages – Hindi, English and Bengali. Hindi and English are played daily on an alternative basis while Bengali is reserved for Sundays. Getting tickets is really easy, you can get it online and if you don’t want to trouble yourself with technology then there is a ticket counter outside the planetarium.

It costs around Rs.80 – 100. Seats cannot be chosen beforehand; it works on a first come first serve basis. I would personally suggest do not sit right in the front or right at the back you would face a neck concussion. The timings of the show are 12.30,1.30,2.30,3.30,4.30,5.30 and 6.30. The language depends upon the time you are choosing so make sure you check that beforehand. Each show lasts for an hour.

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The overall review

The show which I saw was about Cosmic Collisions where it was showed how the universe was made and how did earth become a planet which was fit for the survival of human beings. The show is pretty detailed and for a second you actually feel like that you are in space. It is like being in a 3D movie without having to wear 3D glasses.

The Birla Planetarium recently went through a renovation and I must say that it has become really great. The seats are very comfortable and the auditorium is in a really well-maintained condition which promises to give you a good experience. Overall, Birla Planetarium, Kolkata is considered to be a very popular tourist spot and if you are visiting the city then you should not miss out on this wonderful planetarium.

Featured Photo of ‘Birla Planetarium Kolkata’ by Ankur P under CC BY 2.0



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