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Binsar At Almora – Explore An Offbeat Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the lap of the Himalayas, the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is one offbeat destination positioned on the top of Jhandi Dhar. This wildlife sanctuary is located close to Almora town in Uttarakhand at a distance of thirty-three kilometers north. Binsar wildlife sanctuary was started in 1988. Kedarnath peak, one of the Himalayan peak that can be seen from Binsar. The binsar wildlife sanctuary is situated at a height of 2270 mts and the total area covered by this reserve is 47.8 sq km. The Zhandi Dhar peak point is also situated at a height of 2412 mts. During the time of British Ruler, in Amora, there was a base and during the time of summer, Binsar for an official purpose was used as a summer capital because of the cool and pleasant weather. A total of 30 villages are there outside the sanctuary boundary and 5 villages inside the sanctuary. The whole forest reserve is known as Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

This sanctuary is quite popular for its rich Flora and Fauna. Tourist especially wildlife lovers from all over the world are attracted to this place. Binsar is also popular for sun rise and sunset views apart from its wildlife sanctuary. Tourist can do activities like trekking inside the forest reserve and spot some of the most amazing nature and wildlife. cycling, nature walk are a plus. This sanctuary is also famous for bird watchers where the tourist can enjoy the breathtaking view of the beautiful landscape with plenty of animals and birds. The binsar wildlife sanctuary is also famous of the habitat of Jackals, Monkeys, Kakars, Red Fox, Wild boars, Black Himalayan Bear, leopard etc. Binsar is also famous for its diverse collection of Bird species, it has approximately 180 different species. Binsar Wildlife sanctuary has dense forest covered with oak and pine trees at the different altitude. The binsar wildlife sanctuary is also known as Second valley of flowers because, during the march month, the red flowers bloom in the entire forest area.

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Best Time To Visit Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Binsar wildlife sanctuary is a place that can be visited any time of the year. But October and November is considered as an ideal duration to plan the trip. There is pleasant weather during the summer months and during winter months the climatic conditions are pretty cool and the area receives plenty of snowfall. Early winter months provides a very beautiful view of the Himalayan peaks.

To Reach Binsar

Binsar can be reached by various ways. Binsar can be visited by taking buses that connect from all the neighboring areas like it is 30 kms from Almora, 90 kms from Nainital and 410 kms from Delhi. The closest airport is in Pantnagar which is 116 kms from Almora town. Also, the nearest rail connectivity is in Kathgodam which is 82 kms from Almora town.

Accommodation And Food Facilities

Accommodation facility is available both inside and outside the sanctuary. The staying facility inside the sanctuary does not provide electricity facilities due to some restrictions. The power supply is provided only during an evening that is from 6-9 pm from a running generator. For food, the order needs to be given before time because the meals are prepared as per the order. The outside resort facility provides home stay and restaurant facility. Binsar does not provide too many cuisines and food options. The available restaurants serve typical Indian platters, continental, and Kumaoni. Some local markets are also available around the sanctuary which provides bread, pastries, jams, cakes etc. Some of the famous foods are Bhaang Ki Khatai, Kappa, mixed Dal, salad, Aloo Ke Gutke, Rus and much more.

Trekking Inside The Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Binsar is famous for a trekkers paradise. The tourist can go for jungle trek starting from KMVN guest house. The trek is done in the early morning. This trek does not involve much climbing and can be easily done by the people who can walk for 2 kms. It is advisable to hire a guide before starting this trek because they will inform you of the available flora and fauna. A guide book about the description of the forest is carried with the guide which tells us about the trees and birds found here. For walking, jungle trail provides a good track. This jungle trek is a two hours trek so it is advisable to carry a water bottle and some snacks item if you wish. Different varieties of birds like Oriental Turtle Dove, Eurasian Jay, Chestnut Bellied Rocktrach, Chestnut Bellied Nuthatch, Spot Wing Tit etc are seen while trekking.  Also different varieties of trees like Lyonie Ovaliflolia, Seder, Deodar, Pine, Rhododendron etc.

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The guide hired will help the tourist to spot these birds and trees. The end of the trek is when you will reach the Zero point View tower which is known as Zhandi Dhar. A clear and good view of the Himalayan peak is seen from this point. Also, the tourist can visit Nanda Kot, Panchchuli, Trishul, Chaukhamba, Kedarnath and Nanda Devi. It takes almost an hour to reach this point.

There are other jungle treks available for the tourists. All the treks available can be completed within 7 days. There is a temple complex of Jageshwar outside Binsar which is at a distance of 34 kms from Almora settle in a beautiful valley covered by deodars. This temple is considered as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

Moyoulikhan is another jungle trek enjoyed by the tourist for spotting different wildlife. This trek is a 7 km trek which takes a full day. Also, there is a four hours jungle trek in Binsar forest. Also, there are different treks like Jageshwar trek, bird watchers trek which is done in the morning as well as in the evening around water points.

At Binsar, time stands still. Tourist will keep on discovering new trails down the valleys and up the mountains and also some spectacular sunset and sunrise points. This trip will provide you with the best feeling that there is nothing between you and nature.

Featured Photo: Binsar by sporadic under CC BY-ND 2.0

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