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Bhedaghat is mesmerizing. It is located in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh along the holy river Narmada. Tourists who have visited this place rave about it. This place is also known as the grand canyon of India. It is nature at its best. The movie Ashoka, starring the very famous Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor was shot here. Mohenjodaro starring Hrithik Roshan was also shot at Bhedaghat. Reaching it is not difficult. There are flights from all the major cities that land at Jabalpur where the airport is located. If railways are what you prefer then Madhya Pradesh again is very well connected.

There are three main places that one needs to visit to enjoy the captivating beauty of Bhedaghat. The first and foremost experience of bliss is the boat ride with the marble formations on both sides of the river. This geological wonder is best experienced early in the mornings. You can do some soul searching the in the calm and serene atmosphere. The river Narmada has clean and pure water.  The marble rocks are in beautiful hues of green and blue. To make the visit memorable you can hire a tourist guide. The poetic rendition by the guides at Bhedaghat is very interesting and humorous. They will recount anecdotes related to the shooting of various Bollywood blockbusters.

The second major tourist attraction is the Dhuandhar waterfall at Bhedaghat. This place is best visited in winters as it is just too hot in summers. Tourists can enjoy the breathtaking exuberance of river Narmada as it converts to a majestic waterfall. This natural wonder is worth the visit and you can just dip your feet in the water and enjoy the glory. One can avail the ropeway facility to enjoy the panoramic view of the Dhuandhar waterfall. A noteworthy fact is that the water droplets create a mist and hence the name Dhuandar waterfall. A good camera is essential in your to-pack list. You can make memories of a lifetime at this natural wonder.

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The Chausat yogini temple or the 64 yogini temple is located in Bhedaghat. This temple is famous among devotees, and is touted as a heritage site. The major attraction of this temple is the 64 miniature shrines that surround the main temple. You are prohibited from clicking photos of the interior of the temple.  The temple was constructed by the Kalachuri dynasty in the tenth century and made of red stone. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

So pack your bags and make sure to carry a good camera. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Narmada river in a boat ride. The holiday at this place is totally worth.

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Breathtaking Natural Wonders Of Bhedaghat

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