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There are many famous haunted places around the world; a few of them are in India too. Most of which are either some old houses or a few abandoned mansions but nowhere people are being restricted ever. However, Bhangarh is really a special one where people are being restricted by rule entering after dark and deviating which could be a punishable offense!


Bhangarh Fort is located in the deserted town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan. It is a ruined city in between Alwar and Jaipur. Bhangarh fort is a very popular tourist attraction in the daytime and is known to be the most terrifying haunted places in the country. Many myths are associated with this particular fort.

This old city was created by Maharaja Bhagwant Das, the king of Amber who had two sons out of which the younger one was Madho Singh. The king Bhagwant Das developed Bhangarh for Madho Singh who stayed there till death. Madho Singh named the township after his grandfather Maharaja Man Singh aka Bhan Singh and gradually the city has taken its name as “Bhangarh”. The debris at Bhangarh has a few fort walls, markets, palaces, temples, etc. scattered all over the area.

This fort is counted as the scariest haunted place in India and should not be visited by people who are weak by heart or having any nervous problem, though apart from its haunted stories around this place is also having all the attraction of typical Indian forts which attracts a lot of tourism in the country.

The Haunted: Stories behind

It is said the nobody can dare to go to Bhangarh Fort after sunset. People literally hear many terrifying stories about the fort such as. During the creation of the city, the Emperor had to take approval from the saint Guru Balu Nath who used to meditate at this place. He provided the approval on one condition that the shadow of emperor’s palace should never touch him at his place. However, if the shadow touched over his place, the city would be ruined!Agreed by that Madho Singh started his fort construction in several storeys eventually shadowed Guru Balu Nath’s prohibited  retreat. As warned before, the Saint ruined entire town with his spiritual power and ever since then all constructions around the location or palace either got crushed or got destroyed. The Samadhi of Guru BaluNath is still there beside the remains of Bhangarh.

  • The Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh was renowned for her charming beauty. There was also a Tantrik called Singhia, who becameabsolutely crazy to marry her butalso knew that he could never do so in the regular way. Hence,Singhiadecided to controlher with his evil magical powers. One day Singhiasighted the maid of the princess in the market and planned asthe princess would surrender herself to his black magic which he used on the oil purchased by the maid unknowingly. However, the princess poured the oil on to the ground knowing the real conspiracy behind and which turned into a rock, rolled towards Singhia and crushed him to death. While dying, he cursed the entire Bhangarh city to be destroyed and no one will be reborn there. Slowly the curse started showing its result and in an immediate battle Ratnavati was killed and the city completely ruined. However, some folklore says that Bhangarh fort is full of ghosts for whom the entry is prohibited in the fortfor all after sunset.
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After Dark at Bhangarhbhoot photo

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According to the local belief no one is permitted to go inside the haunted fort of Bhangarh or even nearby once the darkness falls. Hence, high restrictions have been put in place at Bhangarh, anyhow you would have to leave the premises within 6pm. The fort’s entrance remained locked, also Government has put a notice board in front of the main gate stating that entering the fort after sunset and before sunrise is prohibited strictly and violating which would impose legal actions.Local people say the spirits roam around the Bhangarh Fort after dark. They often experience unexplained noises like screaming, women crying and creeping, sounds of bangles in the rooms even someone talking and different kind of smells. People have sighted moving shadows, weird lights, and unusual music from the fort. No one went inside after dark had ever returned. Many unexplained death and suicide has been reported in the area near the fort.

Facts Unproven!

Legend said that this place became deserted surprisingly within a day however no proof has been found so far. The fact however is Ajabgarh, a city nearby and Bhangarh had a war between and both the platoons were destroyed along with the cities. Ajabgarh redeveloped later however Bhangarh became uninhabited. The other research said it could be due to the event of 1783. During which, India was severely impacted with the effect of El Nino which started around 1780. Entire North India was badly hit with a drought close to this time (as per the lunar calendar 1840). Around 60% of the population in these areas died due to this as per this theory. As the state of Rajasthan is already having scarcity as far as water is concerned, it had faced immense decimation of it’s cities and towns. The people who survived abandoned this place and left for a better one to live.

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Since the fort is located at the corner of the Tiger reserve, no surprise that one can sight various kind of animals near the fort like dogs, monkeys, cheetahs, etc. during night. Surely these wild animals are of an addition to the sense of paranormal presence. Although it could be possible that people could have died simply because of the ruins like boulders scattered around this place or due to the ongoing excavations. However, it is not recommended to try this place as part of any Ghost Hunting or challenging experimentation, especially after dark!!

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