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Bhai Dooj, An Auspicious Festival Throughout India

This festival is all about the enrichment of the pure bond between brothers and sisters. Generally, sisters apply teeka on the forehead of her brother and wish for their long life. It is a very beautiful festival celebrated two days after the Diwali and there are different names of this festival throughout India. But the essence of the festival is the same in all the locations.

1. Bhai Phota in West Bengal

In West Bengal, it is called Bhai phota. On this occasion, sisters apply tikka and bless their brothers to live long happily. On that day the bond between the brothers and sisters are scene and it is even cherished by the auspicious moment. The sisters have to keep fast from the morning and have a meal with her brother after the tika ceremony. In West Bengal, it is considered to be a very pious festival and all the people stay excited about the occasion throughout the year to have some happy moments with their siblings.

2. Bhai Tika in North East India

In northeast India, the Bhai tika is celebrated on the fifth day of Tihar festival. Tihar festival is kind of Diwali in Nepal and northeast India. They have five day long ceremonies regarding so many types of worships of different gods and animals. And on the fifth day, the whole ceremony is centred on the brother and sister bonding. On that day sisters applied teeka and give some jewels food to their brother and wish for their long successful life. And this day in the celebration of Tihar in Nepal with the showcase of sweet bonding between the siblings.

3. Bhatri Dwitiya in North India

Bhatri Dwitiya is the last day celebration of whole Diwali time. On this day sisters apply on the four heads of their brothers and perform Aarti. It has a ritual of bhagini hastha bhojanam in which brothers have to consume the sumptuous food prepared by their sisters and also the sisters feed them. This is considered to be a very important festival throughout North India in which the whole ceremony is centred on the love between siblings. And that is why it is believed to be the perfect finishing of the Diwali celebration in a year.

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4. Yamadwitheya in South India

It is a very famous festival in South India which is celebrated on the very last day of the Diwali celebration. The whole ceremony is all about the eternal bond between a brother and his sister. According to the legends, this is the day when Lord Yama Raj visits his sister the Yamuna after a long period. And Yamuna gifts for brother a wonderful garland and applies teeka on the forehead. And that is why on that day all the sisters applied on their brother’s forehead wishing long life for them with good health.

5. Bhau Beej in Western India

Indo Western India like Gujarat, Goa and Maharashtra, Bhai Bij is performed. This is a bit different ceremony than the other parts of India. On this occasion, a sister draws a square on the floor and the brother has to sit inside it. And then the brother has to consume the root of beta test called Karith. It is the ritual with the belief that on this day Lord Krishna had to taste Karith before going to slay narakasura.

So, these were some ways Bhai Dooj is celebrated throughout India. All the regions have their flavour of celebrating a festival but at the end of the day, the essence is the same for everyone.

Featured Photo of ‘Bhai phota’ by Anuradha Sengupta under CC BY 2.0

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