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Karnataka music and dance are comprised with the extensive range of classical and also folk styles. The Karnataka music and dance are not only meant for performance and entertainment alone but it is even for the spiritual improvement for the performers at the same time for the beholders. Inspirations have clarified in by every single corner of the southern and too northern India and would enhance the world by Karnataka music and dance.

Karnataka always remains to be one of the best ironic provinces in the terms of heritage and culture and in addition to this Karnataka state gives out the best contribution to the Indian culture. The various dance form that has been originated from the Karnataka state stands to be the most vital genres that shape the cultural position. When you are planning a holiday in Karnataka, and then make certain that you take account of the performance through the Karnataka dances that will create it has an integral part of the tour journey to Karnataka.

Folk performances are the important portions of the Karnataka music and dance. They are the stunning combination of the music, dance as well as theatrical concerts. Maximum of the folk variety dance still remains to maintain the ancient primary ritualized style. The great treat of dance and the music can be seen in the traditional Kunithas type of dance. The major forms of these Kunithas can be seen in pata kunithas, dorava kunithas and dollu kunithas. The extremely mighty yashagana is the main folk melodic performance. Bhoot Aradhane and Krishna Parijatha are the other chief folk forms of Karnataka music and dance.

1. Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam photoPhotos by Vineetha Nair 

The most famous classical form of dance in India is the Bharatanatyam. Even though originated in the state of Tamil Nadu, also Karnataka Bharatanatyam relishes boundless fame as well. The specific schools in Karnataka that teaches Bharatanatyam dance is actually taken to unlimited heights through performing dancers who perform and teach all over Bangalore and several extra towns of their state.

2. Kuchipudi

Kuchipudi photoPhotos by Rajib Ghosh 

Kuchipudi is basically the method of classical dance or the drama that is been established in Kuchelapuram at the southeastern portion of Andhra Pradesh. The Karnataka Kuchipudi adores prodigious fame and it is performed extensively through men as well as women alike.

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The awareness in a performance of the Kuchipudi on those former days was limited amongst the Brahmins and remained dispersed into the sealed doors of the tradition. Yet, currently, supreme masters plus proficient artists initiate the followers in the nuances for Kuchipudi at Karnataka over numerous dance styles however art schools as well as dance academies made precisely for the tenacity.


3. Dollu Kunitha

Dollu Kunitha photoPhotos by mdemon 

This Dollu Kunitha is the chief style of folk dance that is been enjoyed in the Karnataka. The men and women of the Kuruba community who lies in the Northern part of Karnataka are the people who perform this Dollu Kunitha. This dance is usually performed to honor the certain auspicious event. The Chitradurga districts and Shimoga district are the chiefly eminent for their brilliance in the folk style dance. There are different religious overtones for the Dollu Kunitha that is been performed at Karnataka.

These dances are customarily executed in the temples of Bireshwar. By tradition, the subjects were spiritual and are called to be the ‘Halumatha Purana’ or else just the ‘Kuruba Purana’. But, in recent times it is been made to propagate numerous government structures and programs plus adult schooling, literateness programs, and the lot more. This dance form plays the major role in all religious festivals that are celebrated in Karnataka that too especially in Northern Karnataka. Usually, it is performed to celebrate the festival of the harvest season. But, it could also be performed in the wedding rituals, for the birth of the child and also it is even done on the funeral otherwise the burial.

4. Puja Kunitha


Puja Kunitha is the widespread ritualized folk dance that is been performed in Karnataka and these are largely practiced over Mandya and Bangalore districts. It is tremendously vibrant and visually wonderful. Visual magnificence is highlighted through the outlay of ornate oral story. Puja Kunitha that is practiced in Karnataka is formally done to devote the cult of Shakti.

This dance performance is the vital dance performance of the state that exactly reveals the means ritualistic folk dances. The chief dominant divinity for this Puja Kunitha in Karnataka is the great goddess called Shakti with her several forms of living form. Also, this style becomes to be a fundamental part of all the religious formalities, predominantly those associated with the worship of Goddess Shakti. They are implemented plentifully in spiritual pageants, carnivals also festivals.

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5. Pata Kunitha

Pata Kunitha

Pata Kunitha of the Karnataka state is a well-celebrated dance form that is been performed by the natives of Mysore region. Similar to the Kunithas or else dance-dramas through a ritualized implication, the unique worth of the Pata Kunitha is largely religious. However you will not find any much narration in the dance and the importance is given to the rhythm plus the talent of the performers. Pata Kunitha in the Karnataka state is a tremendously vibrant dance style and offers the stunning visual treat.

In Karnataka, this dance is usually performed by the men mainly. Each and every dance takes part the participation of 10 from 15 men’s. Even though there was few form of the innovative spiritual worth to the Pata Kunitha in Karnataka, it is now mainly vanished. But, this till now reflected to be the essentially ritualized show. The richly ornamented bamboos pole might need the certain type of symbolic importance. Together with the Beesu Kamsale, this dance is always the widely held folk dance style at the Mysore town of the Karnataka state.

6. Bhootha Aradhane

The tableau of Karnataka ‘Bhutaradhane’ passes through the Rajpath during the 63rd Republic Day parade in New Delhi on Thursday. –KPN

This type of dance is extensively practiced in the coastal areas of Karnataka; the carnival or festival is the great blend of folk principles, splendid manifestation and ritualized mystic to destroy away from the evil over a devotion of a devil himself. The Bhootha Aradhane of the Karnataka state is broadly prevalent for the reason that of its exclusive display and bizarre appearance. The roots of the folks would be that much cleared similar as it was in the ancient times.

Bhootha Aradhane comprises greatly filmic magnificence. Naturally, it takes in the convoy in that idols will be carried through extraordinary pomp. These idols will be decorated in the customary fashion and are expected to signify the bhootas or else devils. The curious frightening texture is willfully brought in in the manner by the idols. All the way through the march, drums will be beaten along with the firecrackers would be burnt as the enormous crowd carries that idol in the direction of an elevated platform positioned at a few distance where that last cremation of that march will come about.

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Best Things To Know About The Karnataka Music And Dance

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