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Remember the last time we pulled off a daredevil stunt with the ‘Best Getaways for Scuba Diving in India’? Well, we’re on our way to seek another enthralling enticement dared only by a few. Here’s a snippet, it’s about the best rafting places in India.  (See, there’s no pun here, we’re damn serious)

Let’s treat you on the topic, shall we?

India with its abundance of water tributaries and bodies has a plethora of water adventure retreats. With such vicinity of rivers flowing in full fledge, it speaks heaven for the rafting thrill seekers. And thus we are out here with the top places for rafting in India for you.

So let’s indulge into these untamed tides flowing across with great vicinity. Time to get going, then!


10) Tons/ Garhwal 

  • Let’s tick off our list of best rafting places in India with the rafting spot based on the Tons River flowing in the Garhwal range. It flows through the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand.
  • The river claims to be one of the biggest tributaries of the river Yamuna and bears high water levels with great wrath. It has a grade level of III to IV with some designated with the extreme level of V.

9) Barapole, Coorg 

  • Next up is the rafting expedition laying along the course of River Barapole in Coorg. It is placed along the Western Ghats in the Deccan Plateau. The river is designated with a rafting grade level between 2 to 4.
  • It sports 4 to 5 rapid turns in and around the upper level while the lower level has around 6-7 turns. One can opt for Barapole from June to September.

8) Kali/ Sharda River 

  • Kali river is one of those rivers that originate back from the Nepal. It is known as the Sharda river which itself is part of the Mahakali river. It flows through the Nepal into the Uttarakhand state all across the verdant forests. Let yourself dive into the pick of the best rafting places in India with a trip to Kali/Sharda river.
  • The river holds pristine clean water and has the great pace which rings the bell for ardent rafters. It is best advised to visit the place in during March/April for the pre-snowmelt season or preferably May/June or Mid-September to November for the post-snowmelt season.
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7) Kolad, Maharashtra

  • Kolad is hailed as one of the faster rivers in the South, Kundalika and holds excellent prejudice for the rafters looking for the top rafting place in India. The river has a grade level of III and IV along with the 15 km stretch.
  • It is best advised to visit the place in and around the monsoon for the high-rise water levels.

6) Teesta River

  • Placed at sixth in our quest for the best rafting places in India is Teesta river. It is famed for its rugged nature and rapid turns. The river has a grade intensity level of IV that offers multi-dimensional treats for the rafters.
  • The river flows through the serene beauty of Sikkim and Darjeeling that offers a breathtaking view along with the thrills. The best bet would be to join in during the early spring to summer season for the thrill of river rafting.

5) Bhagirathi River

  • One of the longest stretches of rafting all over the India, this one holds a 150 km trench running through the deep gorges, beaches, and charming villages. It has a grade level of 3 to 4 and has high rapid turns in the ilk of Elephant Rock, Sharp S, The Chute.
  • It also features the rapid turns around the coast of Ganga, wherein Bhagirathi river combines with Alaknanda. It is best advised to visit the place from October to Mid-May.


4) Zanskar 

  • Based on the regions of Padum and Zimo, the Zanskar river gorge has perfectly set-up rough terrains and remote places for rafting. It lies at a height of 12000 ft above the sea level and features grade IV rafting range marking it perfect for one heck of a rafting experience. Certainly, one of the best rafting places in India.
  • It is best advised to visit the place in during July to August. This one is based on the Padum and Zimo regions of Zanskar river gorge which lies at a height of 12000 ft from the sea level.
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3) Brahmaputra 

  • The Brahmaputra is quite stupendously a mysterious and ferocious river that flows down from the Tibetan plains. The river forces its way through to the Greater Himalaya and Arunachal Pradesh citing one of the best rafting streams across the nation. No doubt, it picks itself into the top three of best rafting places in India.
  • It offers a grade range of level IV and has an 180 km long stretch to dice out. The rafting courses are prominent in during the time between November and March.

2) River Indus, Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir

  • Placed second on the list is the rafting region in the River Indus flowing along the Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir region. The river enthralls through deep gorges, hilltop monasteries, and snow-capped mountains that offer quite a scenic view. The river offers best rafting experience in the months between June to August.
  • A few erstwhile rafting ranges of River Indus are Spitok to the Indus-Zanskar confluence at Nimmu, Nimmu to the ancient temple complex at Alchi, Alchi, and Khalsi


Finally, time to unravel the best pick, river rafting in Rishikesh, quite surely. Afterall, Rishikesh trip isn’t complete without Rishikesh camping and rafting. 

1) Rishikesh

  • Well, nothing beats Rishikesh when it comes to best rafting experiences. Rishikesh rightly ranks atop as one of the best rafting places in India. There’s an abundance of Rishikesh rafting packages along with Rishikesh camping. Just consult your nearest tour advisor for the best pick.
  • Rishikesh’s rafting experience is boosted along with long stretches of Ganges holding rapid turns with grade level stretching from 1 to 4. It features 16 km stretch ranging from Shivpuri to Lakshman Jhula and has plenty of high octane rapids like Roller Coaster, Double Trouble, Tee Off, Sender and more.
  • The most desirable stretches running through the Rishikesh’s rafting offering are Jangla-Jhala (20 km, a mixture of grades), Chandrapuri-Rudraprayag (26 km, higher grades), Dharasu-Chham (12 km, a mixture of grades) on the Bhagirathi, Mandakini; Matli-Dunda (12 km, mixture of grades).

Aren’t you tight-lipped for an experience of a lifetime? C’mon, gear up, you wouldn’t want to miss these, would you?

Best Rafting Places In India

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