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Kolkata is certainly one of the best places to live in India. There are many reasons which contribute to why Kolkata is one of the best places to be in India; the first viable reason which I see is that Kolkata is very economical compared to other metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The cost of living here is very less; and if you earn anything above 14,000 it is pretty good to survive a month. While if we compare other cities like Mumbai, Delhi or even Bangalore; I don’t think that you would survive more than 10 days there. Another reason why I feel Kolkata is the best place to stay in is because of the friendliness of the people. It is a common occurrence in India that the localities of other cities generally gang on another individual if they found that he is not a native there; well in Kolkata people are really friendly and they will always take the right stand against the culprit despite their home city or religion. If you are a foodie then Kolkata is like heaven for you; trust me Kolkata marvels in every sort of cuisine; North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, French; name anything its all good.

Now that I have mentioned reasons so as to why Kolkata is the best place to be in India. Let’s talk about the places which you can visit in this great city. Let’s face it, no city can he hailed as “great” if it doesn’t have heritage. Kolkata has been extremely lucky in this particular regard, since it has a great heritage and an inspiring history which people talk about to-date. Many don’t know that Kolkata used to be the capital of India during the British rule. Let’s discuss about best places to visit in Kolkata.

The City Of Joy – Best places to visit in Kolkata

howrah bridge photoFeatured Photo by anirbanbiswas_c8

1. Howrah Bridge

The first place which comes to mind when talking about Kolkata has to be Howrah Bridge. It is a cantilever (bridges which are supported on only one end) bridge and boasts of daily usage of 100,000 vehicles and 150,000 pedestrians. It has a length of 702m and an 82m height. It is very significant since it connects Howrah and Kolkata; the official name of Howrah Bridge is Rabindra Setu. At the time it was constructed it used to the third longest cantilever bridge, while now it is the sixth longest cantilever bridge. This is one of the places which you should definitely visit; thanks to the chief minister of Kolkata Mamta Banerjee; Howrah Bridge looks amazing during the evening with the lightning. I will suggest take a walk on Howrah Bridge during the evening, trust me the cool breezes would make you feel immensely relaxed.

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victoria memorial photoPhoto by BOMBMAN

2. Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is perhaps the most attracted tourist destination after Howrah Bridge. Victoria Memorial was created as a memorial for Queen Victoria in January 1901; it was ordered by George Curzon who had suggested that a memorial should be created as an honor for their queen. It took 15 years to construct this memorial and was built between 1906 and 1921. The building of this memorial happened at a cost of a crore and 5 lakhs during that time.

princep ghat photoPhoto by

3. Princep Ghat

Well, if you are visiting Kolkata then you definitely deserve a good view of the city. Princep Ghat is one of the few places in Kolkata where you actually might get one. When you visit here, there are boats who will charge you 200-300 for approximately 30mins-1hour. They will take you around the area and you will get a very close of view of Vidyasagar Setu. If you feel scared of water then you can relax at one of the many ghats here and still it would give you great mental peace.

Indian Museum photoPhoto by ptwo

4. Indian Museum

You must be wondering so as to why I have mentioned a Museum when I am taking about best places to visit in Kolkata. The immediate question which should have come to your mind would have been how can a museum be interesting? Well Kolkata’s museum is not just any museum; it is the oldest and largest museum in India and is very famous for its collections of antiques, fossils, mummies and Mughal paintings. It has 100,000+ artifacts and was established in 1814 which makes it 213 years old. You should definitely visit this place, trust me the place is not boring. Go along with your friends, you will definitely have a good time.

eden kolkata photoPhoto by Chippu Abraham

5. Eden Gardens

Well, this is one place you can’t afford to miss. If you are visiting Kolkata during the month of April or May you might even get catch a few IPL matches. It has a capacity of 66,000+ which is the largest in India and the second largest in the world. Before renovation the capacity used to be 90,000. The reason why I mentioned Eden Gardens is because of the crowd. Every cricket legend has agreed to the fact that the atmosphere at Eden Gardens is the best in India. In fact the crowd is so passionate that in 1996 world cup the match had to be called off due to hostility shown by the crowd when India lost to Sri Lanka in 1996 world cup semi finals.

nicco park photoPhoto by Reza (Jim)

6. Nicco Park

Now let’s talk about a little adventure and entertainment. Nicco Park is one of the best theme parks in India. The best part about this park is that there are two divisions; one is the adventure park and the second one is the water park. So, you can enter here early in the morning and take all the dry rides and then you can beat the heat by staying in the pool during the afternoon. Both the rides (dry or water) are pretty deadly and could prove to be a lot of fun for you.

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alipore zoo photoPhoto by Kingshuk Mondal

7. Alipore Zoo

Now, if you are visiting Kolkata and you have to visit the zoo. I understand many of you might find it a little weird watching animals but if you have a bunch of friends along with you then it would seriously prove to be a lot of fun for you. Virtually, you will find every possible animal like Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Elephants and similar breeds. Do not miss out on this place.

science city kolkata photoPhoto by mckaysavage

8. Science City & Birla Planetarium

The reason why I have clubbed these two places into one is that both of these places are meant for people who are interested in Science. Science city is the largest science center in India; talking about Birla Planetarium it is the largest planetarium in India and the second largest in the world.


eco park kolkata photoPhoto by

9. Eco Park

Another place which comes to my mind when talking about best places to visit in Kolkata is Eco Park. It has just been 5 years since it has opened but it has become very popular among the citizens of Kolkata. If you are looking for mental peace then you should definitely visit this place.

parkstreet kolkata photoPhoto by paulhami

10. Parkstreet

This is one of the most popular areas for foodies. There are numerous number of restaurants which you could try and trust me all of them will taste delightful. If you are visiting Kolkata during the month of Durga Puja or December then you are in for a treat. Visit it during mid night; it would seem like a whole another place with the lightning and stuff.

These are the best places to visit in Kolkata. There are thousands of other places who can visit in this great city; unfortunately all of them can’t be mentioned in this article so please don’t be afraid to explore. Kolkata is a pretty interesting city something or the other is always going around in every corner of this city so make sure you roam around a lot when you visit here.

Photo by anirbanbiswas_c8

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The City Of Joy – Best places to visit in Kolkata

The City Of Joy – Best Places To Visit In Kolkata

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