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Amritsar – the vivacious city of Punjab –famous for the Golden Temple, is a heaven for food lovers. From Amritsari Kulchas to jalebis and phirnis to lassi, Amritsar’s cuisine has much to offer.

If you walk around the by lanes of the old walled city, then you will find every other place offering the famous Amritsar di Lassi – a smoothie churned out of fresh yogurt and topped with a dollop of thick cream. You can get it sweet or salty as per your taste buds in tall glasses at a reasonable price from Rs 25 to Rs 70 per glass, as per its size and your appetite of course. Most places offer lassi, but few shops and dhabas can really offer the authentic Amritsari experience.

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  • Ahuja Milk Bhandar, Near Hindu College

Ask anyone in Amritsar about where to have lassi and they will sure talk about Ahuja’s Lassi. The shop specialises in milk based beverages and sweets. It offers variety of lassi from basic sweet and salty to Kesar infused Lassi. The tasty lassi is relished by tourists and locals equally. Specially during hot afternoons, a stop by this shop to gulp down a tall glass of kesar lassi is a must thing to do.


  • Gian Chand Lassi, Opposite Regent Cinema

If you want to enjoy authentic glass full of Punjabi lassi – ‘makhan malai maar ke’ (topped with butter and cream), then head to Gian Di Lassi. It is a family owned shop run by its fourth generation now. Their meethi lassi (sweet lassi) is definitely delicious, but they serve a special pedewali lassi as well. Pedas, which are sweets made of Khoya or dried whole milk and sugar, are churned and mixed in with the yogurt smoothie, for a glass of pedewali lassi.


Gian di lassi photo

Photo by shankar s.

  • Kesar Da Dhaba, Near Town Hall
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It is a quaint dhaba located near the Golden Temple, originally established in early 1900s in Pakistan and now run in Amritsar by the family of the founder Lt. Lala Kesar Mal. The place serves mouth watering Punjabi delicacies and of course lassi. The place is famous for its illustrious patrons like Pandit Nehru, Lala Lajpat Rai and Indira Gandhi.

  • Bharawan Da Dhaba, Hall Bazaar Road

Located just opposite the Partition Museum is Bharawan Da Dhaba, a restaurant established in 1912, serving pure vegetarian Punjabi delicacies. The place is popular for its food, but the lassi here is also quite tasty. It is full of people most of the time and you might have to spend some time waiting before you find a place to sit and relish food and lassi.


  • Kulcha Land, Ranjit Avenue

Just as the name suggests, this place is famous for its Amritsari Kulchas, and the lassi here is also too good. The outlet was started in Lahore before partition but then has been part of Amritsari pride since 1947. They serve amazing kulcha varieties and a glass of cold, fresh lassi is a must accompaniment.


Gian di lassi photo

Photo by shankar s.

  • New Kundan Dhaba, Rani Ka Bagh

This is another place famous for its lassi and Punjabi cuisine. It is always crowded with tourists, who come here for the special Malai lassi served in clay pots. The lassi tastes even better in the earthen containers.


  • Guru Kirpa Sweet Lassi, Near Gobindgarh Fort

If you want have an authentic experience of loving hospitality of Amritsari people then visit this stall near the famous Gobindgarh Fort. The Sikh gentleman, who runs the shop from a small tempo, serves you fresh, cold lassi with utmost love and respect.

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Do try these places and tell us how it was!

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Amritsar Di Lassi –  Seven Best Places To Try

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