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When you are traveling for the trip, the probable question that would arise from the entire mind is where to go, what to do there and sightsee. So many of us plan our summer vacation to Jammu and Kashmir, where the capital city Srinagar stands the most visited travel destination by millions of visitor every year also by the international travelers. Apart from this there also sayings that from last few decades this Srinagar town stands to be the best family destination at the same time the ever greatest destination for people who plan for their honeymoon at Kashmir Valley. Srinagar city is very much notorious for finest natural lakes, glorious Mughal gardens as well as the ancient religious locations. Below are the best places to stopover at Srinagar at the time of Kashmir trip.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake photoPhotos by madpai,

Dal is the chief attraction of the Srinagar which is why this Dal Lake always stands to be the top first position at the list of the travel places at Srinagar. You can the finest look of this Dal Lake could be enjoyed through the boulevard road. Enclosed through the zabarban hills by the three sides, in addition, to further comprised of numerous gardens beside orchids alongside the outer rings creates it one among the best as well as the charming lake at Kashmir valley.

Dal Lake is reasonably known as the “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir” as well as Srinagar’s Jewel; every single traveler who has visited the Kashmir will for sure visit this lake. Moreover, it is the second largest lake in the Kashmir state and is to a cradle for profitable tasks in fishery then water plant reaping. The lake is nearly 18 sq km (9.6 mi) length comprised by way of a line of Mughal period gardens, then parks further with the eminent houseboats, it holds the average of 5 ft with the maximum of 20 ft. in depth.

The Lake is one of the parts of the natural wetland which will cover the area of about 21 sq km, that will embrace of Rad’ otherwise floating gardens. At the time during the middle year, you will find that lotus blossoming over the floating gardens which light up the whole area. The lake is divided into four basins called the Nagin, Bod Dal, Lakut Dal and the Gagribal certain of them will also hold islands in the center. It is just the magnificence of the Dal Lake which has fascinated not simply the travelers however also the film creators who consider this place to be the ideal place to shoot.

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Nishat Bagh

Nishat Bagh photoPhotos by mckaysavage,

This Garden which holds a stunning architectural design is been constructed through the father of Empress Nur Jahan. The Garden will offer you the exact look of the entire Lake as well as snow shed range of the Pir Panjal on the east side of it. Initially this garden owns 12 terraces, but now currently it holds only 9 of it and exists really well. Every single terrace increases greater up near the mountain side that is in the east direction then lowers in the direction of the lake. Additionally, you have two main pavilions; one of it is present in the lower and one more in the upper completion of the garden. You will observe a reservoir on the middle of it where it carries nearly 14 sq ft as well as 3 ft deep through a small number of fountains.

Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Botanical Garden


This Garden is constructed in remembrance of the celebrated Jawaharlal Nehru, that is been set up during the year 1969. The garden is amazingly enclosed by a great range of trees in addition shrubs, the interesting and bizarre flowers add together to its splendor. It is located on the hills at the Zabarwan mountain range; nearby the antique Mughal gardens this place too surrounds the prodigious Dal Lake pays to enrich the location.

The forest department is taking the response to maintain the forest in the good state. When you reach the Botanical garden you could see four extra sections inside it; which are the sporting garden, the botanical garden, research unit garden, and then the center of plant introduction. You can enjoy the beauty of Garden by going for the boat ride there and at the same time delight in the variation of flora it deals.

Sinthan top (Kokernag)

Sinthan top photoPhotos by Mike Prince,

It is one more hill station which is at the elevation of 12000 ft beyond the sea level. The sinthal top is reaching the popularity for its view that offers from the lowlands and for the serene, picturesque nature that it gives you. The topmost portion falls by the middle path of the lately opened at Anantnag-the Kokernag- also Sinthal-in Kishtwar road.

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The Sinthan top is actually much elevated, the utmost of the while the region will be covered in the dense blanket of snow, therefore the optional time to stopover could be from the month of April until September. Sinthan Top is the good suggestion for the people who love the adventure as well as the hikers a flawless spot to discover then feel the fauna up close by.


Doodhpatri photoPhotos by Ankur P,

Just now recognized destination, Doodhpatri is noted for the incredible spot that ranges limitlessly by means of the green meadows together with the exotic flowers. The place is nearly 50 km from the Srinagar city, the valley is bowl shaped that will for sure bring the smile from your face and create your heart full.

It is supposed that the shepherds by the far places will use to come by this place to graze their cattle since the cattle grazed at Doodhpatri affords you the good quality as well as the quantity milk. The title itself will give you the meaning called the “The Valley of Milk”. It is associated to one more boundless valley, Gurez at its Northside. The endless carpet of the grassland is the finest spot for all family picnics also functions.

Hari Parbat

Hari Parbat photoPhotos by Ankur P,

This Hari Parbat overlooks the town of Srinagar that will stand this hill. Furthermore, the hill will showcase the entire parts of the city too; The Dal Lake view will be very spectacular from there and is exclusive. Hari Parbat is the house for the three main faiths of India: having the celebrated Shakti Temple at the Western slope, then at the southern slope you have the Muslim Shrines. Moreover, at the outer wall of the south, you will find the Gurudwars. At the top of a hill is the fort constructed through the period of the Mughal reign, it appears like the crown, even at the decrepit state, and then the defenses are still remarkable. Hari Parbat is the significant center of this region.

Featured Image Photo by shahbasharat

Best Places To Explore In And Around Srinagar

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