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Lying in the heart of Punjab, the city of Amritsar is a home to the iconic Golden Temple. A large number of tourists from all over the world visit this place to attain peace and blessings of Waheguru Ji. It is not only an abode of the Sikh religion but also a culinary capital of India that seems to be followed by other cities. Here is the list of best places to eat in Amritsar and we suggest not to miss any of these dhabas and restaurants.

Guru Ramdas Jalebi Wala

Located in the busy Town Hall, Guru Ramdas Jalebi Wala is a perfect sweet house for the sweet lovers. Serving fresh food made in desi ghee, this sweet corner has gathered large attention from tourists worldwide. The highlight is not only the ambience but also the food’s taste. Customer love to lose themselves in the sugary sweetness of crispy jalebis and delicious gulab jamuns.

Surjit Food Plaza

One of the best restaurants in the city of Amritsar, Surjit Food Plaza is located at the Nehru Shopping Complex area. Serving some of Amritsar’s best kebabs, the place is packed with foodies desiring to taste the yummy mutton tikkas, shammi kebab, galouti kebab and unforgettable Amritsari fish. What makes them so unique is the exclusive style of cooking.  The tikkas are cooked in tandoor, then sautéed in ghee and has a secret masala handed down over the generations.

Ahuja Lassi

No trip to the holy city of Amritsar is complete without having a glass of lip-smacking Amritsari lassi. Located near Durgiana Temple, the Ahuja’s secret ingredient is a natural essence that many patrons still cannot interpret. The drink is prepared with cream and yoghurt and can be either salty or sweet. Ahuja Lassi is one of many such places to try out this sweet heaven right in your mouth. We suggest a tall glass of lassi which is so thick that you will need a spoon to scoop it out.

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Kulcha Land- For crispy Amritsari Kulchas

Kulcha Land located at Ranjit Avenue is a haven for kulcha and chhole lovers.  Offering a simple menu, the restaurant offers different types of Kulchas: paneer, masala, gobhi with tangy and sweet chutney. Visitors flock down to have fresh- off-the-tandoor stuffed Amritsari Kulchas. The crispy Kulchas with copious amounts of white butter is simply mouth-watering.

Kanha Sweets

Another must-visit in Amritsar, Kanha Sweets situated in White Avenue Street is known for its variety of breakfast specialities. The delicious chana bhatura, puri chana and thick lassi are some of the special attractions for visitors. People visit this place for a quick breakfast and sweets. Kanha sweets is also known for amazing besan laddus and halwa.

Paya at Pal Da Dhaba

Pal Da Dhaba located near the Hathi Gate is run by its proprietor who is also the iron chef in the kitchen. A tiny, easy to miss shop has presently turned into one of the local favourites for its Kharode ka Shorba or lamb trotter soup. Probably not something you would get used to, but for those who love paya, this place is a must visit. The dish is loaded with chillies, lentil leaves, garam masala and best paired with soft keema paranthas.

Bharawan Da Dhaba

One of the prominent places to eat in Amritsar, Bharawan Da Dhaba located near the Golden Temple is a great family restaurant with a huge customer base. It is the biggest and the most popular dhaba in the city serving pure veg food. Serving a rich variety of tasty meals at very reasonable prices, the dhaba is renowned for chhole bhature, lassi and stuffed naan.

Beera Chicken Corner

The Beera Chicken Corner, located at Majitha Road is a popular road- side eating joint known for its tandoori chicken. It is surely one of the best places to eat non-veg in Amritsar city. Visitors from far off places come to relish the curried hot tandoori chicken. The exemplary rich flavour having the right mix of spices, the tandoori chicken is made expertly and is tender, juicy and supple. Their tandoori chicken’s recipe has been in existence since the year 1972.

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Kesar Da Dhaba

Nestled in the narrow lanes of Shastri Market, Kesar Da Dhaba is one the oldest vegetarian eating joint best suitable for families. The restaurant is definitely a breather for veggie folks. Serving superb and yummy food Kesar Da Dhaba serves unique varieties of veggies loaded with ghee, soft and crispy laccha paranthas, dal makhani. Phirni served in earthen pots and thick malai lassi is the well – known desserts.

Best Places To Eat In Amritsar If You’re Visiting For A Day

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