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Best Mumbai Markets For Shopping And Sightseeing

A visit to the City of Seven Islands would stay incomplete if you don’t encounter the best Mumbai markets for sightseeing and shopping. Mumbai might be considered as a shopper’s dream owing to the number of street market offerings. Every corner in the city of dreams offers something or the other pertaining to the best markets. While you might find South Mumbai more intriguing for shopping, Navi Mumbai and suburbs aren’t something to be avoided. Here, you might get information about the best fashion clothes, accessories, home décor, electronics, and much more. Some of the intriguing places have been mentioned right below.

Linking Road
Photo of “Linking Road” by Mark Hillary under CC BY 2.0

Linking Road

Shopping in Mumbai for clothes would be best if you visit the Bandra shopping spot. It happens to be one of the finest places to visit pertaining to its wide range of fashion clothes. The stalls offer everything from Indian clothes to shoes to jewelry to bags to what not! Shopaholics would love paying a visit to this place, for it is the best place for bargaining. And if you’re ready to visit there, then you can also do a bit of window shopping when it comes to high-end brands. You can also try your taste buds with the fast food eateries available here. Remember, this place gets really crowded during the weekends.

Hill Road

Hill Road is the ultimate street shopping in Mumbai, for it witnesses a really long queue of visitors around the place. Also, tourists walk that extra mile in visiting the place for the best shoes and clothes. From the latest trends to inexpensive offerings, this place is the best shopping hub for shopaholics. Not just that, it also offers the best lingerie and jewelry stalls. From clothes for kids to affordable clothes for men, this place will offer everything that a shopping junkie requires. All you require doing is find everything within a stretch of 2 km.

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Photo of “colaba causeway” by Karan Patil under CC BY-ND 2.0

Colaba Causeway

If you’re ready to visit a wholesale market in Mumbai, here’s an introduction to Colaba Causeway. This area is vibrant with multiple forms of clothes. However, it is not only touted as one of the best Mumbai markets but also tourists’ spot. This place houses a large queue of street shops from where you can be availed with everything – from formals to casuals. You can also get accessories that would be the perfect combination. You can also get high-end brands available in the place. You can also get to visit the Regal Cinema in order to catch a movie.

Fashion Street

Fashion Street is one of the best options when it comes to shopping in Mumbai for clothes. This is one of the most intriguing Mumbai markets that comes with stylish offerings at super affordable prices. For college goers, this place happens to be the most perfect one. On the contrary, the branded goods offered here are only the first copies. You will find the quality to be really good and comfortable.  Nevertheless, you should always check the material properly since the place offers export surpluses.

Investigating Refrigerated Produce
Photo of “Investigating Refrigerated Produce” by David Woo under CC BY-ND 2.0

Natraj Market

Natraj market is one of the amazing Mumbai markets for local folks. How Linking Road is to Bandra, Natraj Market is same to Malad. It is the perfect shopping hub to offer a wide range of apparel such as shoes, dresses, formal clothes, bags and so on. Moreover, this place is also equipped with a couple of bridal stores that can stock a great selection of accessories and apparel. Apart from stores, you can also get hold of the eateries from fresh juices, mouthwatering meals, and more.

Kalamboli market

The place isn’t confined to South Mumbai for finest street shopping in Mumbai.  Navi Mumbai too has an amazing range of shopping spots. And if you want to visit the best place, then you can check the offerings in Kalamboli market. It is a wholesale market in Mumbai which is touted as the most frequented market.

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Whether or not you want funkiest shoes, camera lenses, trendiest clothes, and more, pay a visit to the Mumbai markets. You must remember to bargain in order to ensure the best deals.

Photo by GPS under CC BY-SA 2.0

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