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The Berdewadi Tunnel, which comes under the Konkan Railways, is one of the 91 tunnels on the rail route. The 4 km long tunnel is located between Adavali and Vilawade station, which comes under the Maharashtra division of Konkan Railways. It is located on the scenic route of the mountainous region of Western Ghats.

Construction of the Berdewadi Tunnel and the Konkan Rail Line


The Berdewadi Tunnel, which is also the tunnel number 49 or T-49, is at present the fifth longest rail tunnel in the country. In 1989 when the Government decided to build a rail route on the Konkan coast region, the Berdewadi tunnel was also proposed. In 1997, the tunnel was constructed by the team of efficient engineers of Konkan Railways. Before the Konkan Railway route was built, there were fewer options for commuters to travel across the West Coastal towns of India. The commuters had to either take to road traveling or get an inland train. This caused a lot of hassles and was quite time-consuming. But with the beginning of operations of Konkan Railway, traveling between west coast cities became easier and also quicker. The rail route is primarily built to connect the financial capital of India, Mumbai to other coastal towns. The Konkan rail route stretches throughout three states of India – Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka.

Since the rail line is located on the treacherous mountains of the Western Ghats, it was quite challenging for the engineering team to build the 91 tunnels and 2000 bridges on the rail line. The Berdewadi Tunnel too was a tough excavation task because of the soft soil mixed with rocks.   Under the leadership of famous Railwayman of India, Dr. E Sreedharan and the use of imported machinery meant the team could successfully finish the rail work. The Konkan Railway line and the tunnels were ready for operations in a record time of eight years.

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The opening of Konkan railway operations has proven to be a blessing to the people of the region. The trade and business connections and even social and cultural exchanges have increased multiple-fold between the cities and towns on the route. The single track line is operational for both passenger and freight trains. The Berdewadi Tunnel and the entire Konkan Railway line is an engineering marvel of India.

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Experience travel through the Berdewadi Tunnel

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The Konkan Railway route is full of greenery and mountains. It is always a worth to travel by the train service if one wants to feel the bounty of nature on the Western Coast of India. Rivers, rivulets, waterfalls, hills, valleys, bridges and tunnels, one can cross everything on this route. To experience the Berdewadi Tunnel, count the number of tunnels you cross if you travel from Mumbai side and it will be the 49th one. It is just between Adavali and Vilewadi station. So keep your eye on the stations and you shall know when it comes. The experience of going from lush green mountains into a dark tunnel and coming out on the other end again to the same picturesque scenery is sure a delight.

Berdewadi Tunnel: The Konkan Railway Passageway

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