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Belur Math Durga Puja And Its Cultural Prominence

Mahalaya has always been an emotion for all Bengalis having a keen interest in Bengali rituals and culture, regardless of whether or not they live inside West Bengal. But what makes the aftermath of autumn’s new moon day is the very first thought of ‘pujo ashche’ (Durga puja is coming). This is the time of the year when people living in Kolkata are too excited about shopping and buying new clothes become prevalent for everyone! Durga Puja’s arrival is what makes everyone excited by its thought! And people in Kolkata celebrate this occasion by catching up with close friends, whole-night pandal hopping, visiting 5 star eateries, and what not!

However, approximately 16 km away from Kolkata, where Ramkrishna’s glories are sung every day, Belur Math brings a different flavor of Durga Puja into being. That’s exactly why Durga Puja at Belur Math is so prominent in the land of West Bengal! Anyone who has already visited the place during Durga Puja knows its significance! But if you happen to be someone who wishes to encounter the amazing experience of Belur Math’s Durga Puja, you are at the right place!

The Historical Evidence of Belur Math Puja

The year 19001 first witnessed the celebrations and rituals of Durga Puja in Belur Math. Ever since then, Belur Math performs every ritual of Durga Puja minutely and celebrates Bengali’s uber festival every year! A couple of years after the first celebration in the year 1901; Pratima was not worshipped! It is noteworthy to mention that Durga Puja was then conducted on small scales sans images. It was only performed by Sri Ramakrishna’s disciples during early years of the Ramakrishna Math. Swami Vivekananda took initiatives and started Durga Puja at Belur Math. While Hindu Sannyasins aren’t eligible to conduct the rituals, how did Vivekananda start off? He did so because he wanted to institutionalize the respect for the divinity of sanctity and motherhood of women. Also, he had a vision of Durga Puja being conducted in Belur Math. Another reason might be to gain the local community’s acceptance for modern ways!

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Belur Math Durga Puja and Its Cultural Prominence
Photo of ‘Buddha-Jayanti-at-Belur-Math-2017-A65’ by Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission Belur Math under CC BY 2.0

Rituals Practiced in Belur Math Durga Puja

Goddess Durga is always considered the mother of the earth. As this festival is conducted in Belur Math, Sarada Ma gets worshipped as an avatar of the Mother Divine. After this is don’t, the ‘Agamani’ of Goddess Durga is conducted along with Chandipath. During the day of the math perform rituals such as Kalparambha, Bodhan, Adhivas, and Amantran. Next comes Saptami where Navapatrika or the group of nine plants, including Bel tree.

On the day of Ashthami, the integral part of the festival is Kanya Puja! The worship of a young girl is treated as the Devi during this ritual! Also, Shodashopacharapuja and Mahasnan are done! Next comes, Sandhi Puja! Now, this is the most prominent part of Durga Puja rituals. If you ever check out the Belur Math Puja photo gallery, you will see the colorful photos of Sandhi Puja! A glimpse of the Belur Math Puja photo gallery would also show you the colorful photos of Kanya Puja also! Belur Math Puja 2019 this year will also celebrate in the same manner.

Belur Math Puja 2019 is a much-awaiting festival for this year. If you want to pay a visit to Belur Math at the time of Durga Puja, click photographs and share it on social media platforms to let people know the prominence of Belur Math Puja.

Featured Photo of ‘Belur Mutt/ Belur Math’ by shankar s. under CC BY 2.0

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