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Bekal Beach – A Trek Along The Tranquility Of Kerala

Bekal beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in God’s own country “Kerala”. The serene beautiful beach waters surround the Bekal Fort, the largest fort in Kerala shaped like a giant keyhole. A long walkway along the beach offers the most enthralling and picturesque experience along with its wide lineup of trees and the soothing cool sea breeze.

The exotic ambiance of the beach attracts many tourists who want to indulge themselves in the relaxing landscape. It’s a wonderful place to trek alongside the mystic sandy shores and the enchanting array of coconut and casuarina trees. You can enjoy a quiet evening on the beach while being tranquilized by the stunning views of the sunset.

bekal beach  ബേക്കല്
Photo of ‘bekal beach ബേക്കല്’ by Thejas Panarkandy under CC BY 2.0

Trekker’s Know-How

The best season for the trek is November till March when the weather is pleasing and calm along the beach.

The total duration of the trek is approximately six hours covering a distance of 7 km, starting from the Bekal Fort and then passing through the Udduma fishing village, the Kappil beach and eventually reaching the village of Chambrika.

One must make sure to carry some food and water in a backpack and also rainproof jackets for an emergency. Make sure you have good waterproof shoes and trousers as you need to wade through backwaters during the trek or alternatively you can wear shorts and cross the waters on your feet. Since it’s a long walk, one must keep oneself dehydrated throughout the journey.

The trek is mostly covered on flat surfaces with no steep climb hence should be easy to complete. Though a long path yet the scenic beauty rings in a captivating atmosphere around relieving the tiredness and recharging with new energy.

It is advisable to start the trek at 8 am in the morning since that’s the start time of the Bekal Fort and the trek demands entering the Fort as the first step.

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The Journey

Enter the Bekal Fort after paying the entrance fee and walk along the western walls of the fort until you reach a gate that leads to a flight of steps made of stone. Slowly climb down the rocks to reach the Bekal beach in 3 to 4 minutes from where the long walk starts.

The first target is to reach the end of the Kappil beach via Udduma fishing village. The path curves around the crescent of the beach where you can observe the multi-colored fish boats adorning the shore side like a painter’s panoramic masterpiece. Kappil beach is quite empty and the silence seems to bring in a captivating feeling. The journey traces through the sparsely populated Udduma fishing village and it takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to reach the end of the crescent traversing a distance of 3 km.

You can rest a while watching the golden colored sands of the beach and the waters gently embracing the shores. The next stretch extends for a distance of 4 km and it takes approximately 3.5 to 4 hours of time. Midway into the second trial, you can find the backwaters of the sea lined by the tall sky hugging coconut trees. This is the point where we need to get into the waters to cross the confluence of the sea and the backwaters. In the next hour, you will come across a group of huge coconut trees which is also known as the sunset point. Passing along the groves you will reach the Chambrika village, the end point of Bekal trek.

Concluding Path

The unique characteristic of the Bekal Trek is the surprisingly quiet and uninhabited beaches along with the serene calm sea and the flowing winds dancing along the tall tree tops. The end of the trek is quite interesting as the trekkers will be greeted by the majestic coconut palms swaying with the breeze.

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Featured Photo of ‘Bekal Beach’ by Maximus Audacious under CC BY-ND 2.0


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