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India is a country well known for its unique culture and traditions. The tradition of wearing ornaments in our country began in ancient times. Even today, women love to enhance their feminine beauty and grace with the help of bangles available in different forms. The word “Bangle” has been derived from the Bengali word “Bangri” meaning ornament which beautifies the arm.

History of Bangles

One of the oldest art objects in India, copper samples of the bangles were found in the excavations at Mohenjodaro. Ancient fragments testify that bangles were made from stone, shell, copper, bronze, glass etc. Decorated shell bangles have also been excavated from many Mauryan sites. Varying from simple plain metal circles to ones embellished with exquisite designs of bird and animal head, studded with gems, bangles in a variety of forms existed in ancient India.

The true significance of Bangles in Indian Culture

A bangle is one of the most important ornaments worn by  an Indian woman. A married woman has to wear bangles as they are considered to be a major part of Indian bride’s jewelry. They hold a special significance as they are a sign of suhaag. Bangles have always been an inseparable part of Indian culture. Every state in our country has a separate set of rituals that are linked with bangles. In certain communities, gold bangles should not be worn alone. Rather they should be teamed with glass bangles, as it symbolizes well-being of sons and husband.

  • Gold is considered auspicious in the southern states. The brides wear green colored glass bangles with the gold ones as the green color denotes prosperity and fertility.
  • The Bengali brides wear a conch shell bangle along with a red coral bangle, which is known as pola and shakha. In addition to this, a gold plated iron bangle is gifted to the bride by her mother in law as soon as she enters her new household.
  • In the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, the brides wear chooda or ivory bangles. In Gujarat, the maternal uncle of the bride gives her the chooda along with a silk saree in a ceremony known as mameru.
  • In Maharashtra, the bridal bangles are considerably different. Green bangles in odd number are worn by the brides. The green color signifies fertility, creativity ,and new life. They wear them with solid gold bangles known as patlya,  usually gifted by the groom’s family.
  • In the state of Punjab, brides wear ivory red bangles called chooda which is gifted by the maternal uncle. She is supposed to wear them for a minimum of forty days.
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The significance of colors

Different colored bangles traditionally indicate different things in the Indian culture.

Gold: Fortune

Red: Richness and energy

Yellow: Happiness

Black: Power

Silver: Strength

Purple: Independence

Blue: Wisdom

Orange: Success

Green: Fertility and good luck

White: New beginnings

Scientific reasons why women wear bangles

Bangles are not just accessories. They are traditional and a part of our culture that makes a woman more beautiful. There are scientific reasons which tell you why women wear bangles:

  • Emotional Balance: The ladies wearing bangles made of synthetic materials are highly emotional as compared to the women wearing glass bangles. The vibrations from the glass bangles are pacifiers and moderators of strong emotions.
  • Energy and blood circulation: The pulse rate is checked from the wrist portion for all different ailments. It is said that the constant friction between the bangles increases the blood circulation. Also, the electricity passing out through the skin is returned back to one’s own body because of the round shape of the bangle.
  • Positivity: Glass bangles absorb purity and goodness from the environment. The sound caused by the bangles is also gentle and soothing. Also, glass bangles repel the bad vibes and protect the body of the wearer from evil.

Ladies! Bangles are not the ornament but a tonic of health and tradition that we can follow with fashion. Keep wearing the bangles and be beautifully healthy.

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Bangles- The Identity Of Every Indian Bride

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