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If you are among those intellectuals, who tends to weigh everything on the scale of intelligence, then probably you would not have much to say on what we are about to discuss. Yes, today we would dig in some unexplained mystery, even science has failed to explain the theory. Stop thinking as I am about to break the suspense, it’s the balancing rock located in Mahabalipuram. One mystery that is standing still strong and will surely make you scratch your head too.

Balancing Rock \ Krishna’s Butterball \ Vaanirai Kal

balancing rock, Mahabalipuram Photo by procsilas

Mahabalipuram is one of the most popular places for pilgrimage in India. It is located at a distance of around 60 kilometers from Chennai. Near this pilgrimage place, there is a hill which is a point of major attraction. Unlike other hills that are popular for its natural beauty, this one is popular for one mammoth round rock located right on its cliff. Mahabalipuram is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Defying The Laws Of Physics

The balancing rock is 20 feet in height, 16 feet in width and weighs around 250 tons. This rock is said to be standing right at that particular point for over 1200 years. Locally people also call it Krishna’s Buller ball. This rock seems to be pulling off a balancing act like none, this is because the area where it stands is extremely slippery and small. Looking at this rock makes each and every viewer wonder how this massive structure stands still where it is actually impossible to. Balancing Rock is actually defying all the laws of physics it seems.

We already called it by 2 different names, the third one is its original Tamil name – “Vaanirai Kal”. It essentially interprets to “Stone of The Sky God”

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Some Interesting Points

  1. Balancing rock has been in existence since ancient times
  2. It occupies a mere area of around 4 feet on its base.
  3. The stone still looks healthy, it has not worn out neither did it slid down.
  4. Truly a miracle as even science could justify its existence.
  5. Rock weighs 250 tons, think how it managed to stay on that tiny base- area.
  6. In the year 1908, Madras Province Arthur Lully tried to move this rock, he took the help of 7 elephants but failed.
  7. King Narasimha Barman from the Pallav dynasty also made a similar attempt and dialed.

The Argument

While many people say this rock was placed thousands of years ago in such a position by the Gods who actually wanted to prove their utmost power, or by extra-terrestrial beings. Scientists say that rock is naturally formed. But according to theorists, such a massive natural formation is highly improbable. Theorist day natural corrosion cannot really bring in such a shape. Some facts to take a note here is that if you compare the balancing rock with monolithic stones of peru, Ollantaytambo, or Machu Picchu, this one is much heavier and bigger.

The Awkward Position

The position of the balancing rock looks too awkward, and the most interesting thing is that it is this awkwardness that makes it more popular with locals and tourists. Yes, tourist from across all parts of India and even abroad come here to use this interesting backdrop for some crazy pictures. You would see many visitors trying to place their hands under the stone for posing, it would look like one is actually holding that gigantic stone up.

A Natural Slider

As I already said the area near the stone is quite greasy and slippery, local kids around this area use it as a natural slider. Another thing if you dare to sit under this stone, it would provide you with a welcome shade too.

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This abnormal rock is pretty popular with the tourists and the locals. So when are you heading to see this beauty defying all natural laws? I guess, soon isn’t it? Do share your daredevil photographs with us.

Featured Photo by ind{yeah}

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