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How I remember my Bakrid!!!!

Bakrid a major festival in the Muslim religion. The roads of India itself describe the festival where Bakrid is celebrated .The street are filled with men in white Kurta pyjam and offering prayer in and outside the Majid. Special permission and importance are given on this day to block the road for offering prayer to the All Might. After beginning the day by thanking the all Mighty, then all men greet each other wishing the best wishes of the day. All women and children are also dressed in new attire and enjoying the festive mood. Women offer prayer at home and exchange the greetings among each other. Married women are dressed in new salwar suits or saree and bangles being a sign of suhag(married) so all wear new set of bright bangles.muslim men photo

Photo by EvelynHill

Eidi the most rejoicing part for the kids

Eidi (Eidi is a gift like money, presents or even flowers to) from elders to the younger. In the form of  money or gift elders gives their blessing to the younger ones. This custom is a very exciting for the young ones, as they get a lot of money or gifts. Many times as a form of eidi treats are also given which delighted the children.

The delicious food in Bakrid

Other than all the fun one thing that cannot be forgotten is the food the yummy food ,

  • the special dishes like the lacha, sevai/rice vermicelli
  • Brain Fry,Shami Tikkia and Lachha Paratha,
  • the Mutton Bhuna and Briyani and
  • the Shahi Tukda Semai.
  • the Shami Tikkia and
  • the Briyani which is all time favourite.
  • Zarda- a sweet form of rice prepared with dry fruits
  • Ghol- a drink prepared with curd and masalas, this preparation is made for helping the digestive system

    Importance of Bakrid

  • Bakrid is extremely important to Muslims and thus, they celebrate it with intense sacred intention and enthusiasm.
  • This takes place after the 5th pillar of Islam, when Hajj pilgrimage done by the Muslims.
  • The celebration is done with all the rituals.
  • Id-Al-Adha is the actual name of Bakrid, The oblation of Bakri (goat)is done on this day, thus is called Bakrid. The process of oblation is called Qurbani -meaning sacrifice.
  • Bakrid is solemnized with full excitement and happiness in the Muslims. Wearing new clothes is considered auspicisous in almost all religion on a special day. Similarly on Bakrid all wear new clothes and offer prayer for everything.
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The Qurbani

  • Abraham, the most trustworthy follower of Allah.When Abraham was around 99 years, Ismail the only son of Abraham was around 13 years.
  • Allah, All Mighty wished to take a test of the devotion of both Abraham and his son. Hence he came in Abraham’s dream and asked Abraham to scarifies his son to Allah.Well the situation was quite tough for Abraham to take the decision to sacrificing his own son.
  •   An unimaginable situation for a father to murder his son, but as instruction from All Mighty, Abraham shared his dream with his son Ismail and informed him that he would follow the instruction of Allah.
  • Ismail being a obedient son, decided not to question his father’s decision.He happily agreed to scarifies his life for his father and Allah.
  • Ismail was sure of his father’s intention and had full faith on Allah.
  • Readily Ismail laid on the altar. Abraham with lot of courage and devotion raised his knife to cut the throat of his son. As Abraham looked down to his son, he was surprised to see that instead of his son Ismail it was a ram who was slaughter by Abraham. And his son remained safe and secured as being observed by Him.
  • Abraham realized that it was  test that Allah had taken to see his devotion.
  • Abraham proved his loyalty to Allah successfully, thus Allah prized him with the other son as a blessing. The second son was known as Is-haaq (Isaac).

Thereafter Hajj pilgrimage, the tradition of Islamic religion is followed by Abraham along with his family. Eid al-Adha or Bakrid  is celebrated to offer the loyalty and devoutness towards their religion and All Mighty. This scarifies is considered as sacred, and the scarifies is not only of an animal but the feeling of devoting a precious thing in the name of Allah .On this auspicious day animal is offered for sacrifice by the Muslims  to Allah.Then the meat is portioned into 3 parts, one is given to the poor, as it is important to serve the need first.The other one portion is shared among family and friends and one portion is kept for self consumption as a blessing from Allah.
During this festive day all men gather together and offer prayer in the mosques. Wearing new clothes all men women and children enjoy the festival. Thus Bakrid is the most awaited  festival in the Muslim religion, the festival not only brings a chance to rejoice but also brings a opportunity for all to come close to each other and unite to celebrate the happiness with one and all. On this day the anniversary of the holy Muslim book Quran is also accomplishes. So the celebration get more reasons.

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During the Bakrid solemnize offering namaaz is being done by all as a mandatory activity leaving only the sick people, menstruating ladies and roaming travelers. Eid prayers must be offered in a group. After finishing the prayer all men greet each other and wishes Eid Mubarak ,Many muslim takes this day as opportunity to call their friends and family irrespective of the caste and religion and share the happiness of their festival.

Bakrid -“Festival of the Oblation”, also popular as the “Oblation Feast”, is the second holiday of Muslim religion celebrated all over the globe every year, and considered more sacred out of these two. Irrespective of religion this festival is celebrated widely in India with full excitement and happiness among all. 

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Bakrid The Muslim Festival Of Sacrifice

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