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Bakkhali, a seaside resort, being located on one of the important deltaic islands of West Bengal in the district of South 24 Parganas is one of the most beautiful places in the whole country. Most of the parts of this island fall in the area of Sundarbans forests & some parts are joined together with a bridge over the narrow creeks. Eventually, the island extends out into the vastness of the Bay of Bengal.

Bakkhali is very suitable for cycling or driving, also you can take a long walk along the coastline which can freshen up your mind in a while. Let’s look at some of the important places in Bakkhali-

Bakkhali Beach

bakkhali beach photoPhoto by soumyajit pramanick

It won’t be wrong if someone claims this beach as the most wonderful of all the beaches in India. The 7km long coastline gives the most stunning view, especially in the evening. The beach has a very peaceful environment having very few people roaming around you which intensify the beauty of the Bakkhali beach many folds. A silent walk to the beach after sunset can heal your mood like nothing else!

The highly secured NH117 ends at the edge of this beach which implies about Bakkhali’s safety. The waves roll in a peaceful manner without any rush giving the feel of tranquility all over the place. However, the sea water is nearly 2000 meters off the beach shops. So, you can rent a chair, place it near the water & enjoy the grandeur of the sea with a cup of tea or a bag of snacks!

Henry’s Island

Henry’s island is not only famous in the West Bengal, it’s one of the most popular islands in the whole country! The naming is done after a British explorer who discovered this place in the 19th century.

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The golden sand at the shore & the clear water of Henry’s island will never fail to seduce you with their magnificent beauty. Also, the luxurious resorts on this island give you the facility to stay here overnight & enjoy the night’s beauty to the fullest! There’s a watchtower within the Sundari Tourist Complex from where you can enjoy the heavenly view of the surroundings.

Jambu Dwip

Though Jambu Dwip is not as famous at the two places mentioned above, its beautiful atmosphere can allow you to enjoy the tranquility of nature. It’s an independent island located at 8km far from the main coast. It’s a very famous fishing spot for the locals as well as a great sightseeing place for the tourists.

Crocodile Breeding Centre

It’s a crocodile reservation park which is the only one in West Bengal & one of the few in the whole world. This breeding center rears a huge number of crocodiles. You can find crocodiles of any age from the birth to old age here in this crocodile park in Bakkhali.

Fraserganj Wind Park

Fraserganj is famous mostly for its early histories. This place amazed Lord Fraser, a British officer, who took the initiative to renovate & build up some new infrastructures. But he failed to actualize his plan due to some complexities in favor of the sea. Fraserganj is not a place where you can see the modernity of this age rather it’s a place of few reminiscence of old buildings. You can see a good number of wind mines here & there which makes this place look unearthly.

Best Time to Visit Bakkhali

Bakkhali shows the best of its features from October to March. It’s the best time to visit this place since you can enjoy the gentle weather, explore the outdoor & find the convenience to roam around the beach without sweating or feeling exhausted.

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Avoid this place from April to September i.e. during the summer & monsoon season. The weather will not favor enjoying the outdoor activities or exploring the nature due to the adverse nature of the climate.

Photo by Rup Chatterjee

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