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Badami cave photoPhotos by Ankur P,

Badami cave, also known as Vatapi, is located in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. It was the capital of  Chalukya dynasty. Badami cave is situated at the mouth of a ravine, the settlement is bound by sandstone hills. Some set of cave temples carved out of sandstone rocks are available which makes Badami one of the captivating sites in Karnataka. Over that period a set of 4 rock cut cave temple was created out of which 3 of the cave temples were devoted to Hindu deities while the fourth one was dedicated to Jainism. A flight of stairs connects these cave temples.

The first Badami cave formerly known as Nataraja, is devoted to the dancing form of Lord Shiva and is one of the oldest cave. These red sandstone cave temples depict more than 80 forms of dancing postures of lord shiva. Square sanctum and pillared halls highlight the cave.

The second Badami cave temple is that of lord Vishnu and is famous for its ceiling carvings. This cave is depicted in Trivikarma form.Vishnu on Garuda and Puranas are some of the carvings of this temple.

The third Badami rock cut temple can be reached by a flight of 60 stairs from the second temple. The carvings here depict different forms of deity like the man lion Narasimha, Vamana and Trivikarma. All the carvings are devoted to Lord Vishnu. The marriage of Shiva and Parvati are also depicted by the Murals.

The fourth Badami temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavira who was the founder of Jainism. Lord Mahavira is found in a seated posture. One of the carvings highlighted here is Tirthankara Parshavnatha in which there’s a snake at the feet.

Various Means To Reach Badami

Badami cave photoPhotos by KlausNahr,

Badami cave can be reached through various modes of transport. There are regular buses enrooting from various cities to Badami. It takes almost 9 hours to reach Badami from Bangalore city because of its 45 km away. Badami can also be reached by taking trains because the railway station here is just 5 ms away from the town. Hubli airport is just 84 km’s away from the Badami and is the closest airport. Another airport which is 123 km’s away is the Sambre Airport in Belgaum.

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Mesmerizing Beauty In Badami

Badami is famous for inspiring the beautiful architectural style of Vijayanagara Empire. One of the most beautiful views is the rock cut cave structures. The inner halls of the caves symbolize that there is a balance of adaptability and check in the caves. Another rich civilization that existed in Badami is the Bhootnath Temple. Bhootnath temple includes two main temples and is a complex of many shrines and structures. The evolution and fusion of architectural styles could be witnessed by the visitors. Bhootnath temple faces the lake so it’s the perfect sunset view to be witnessed by the visitors. The view here cannot be described in words because of its the most romantic sunset view because the suns last rays touches everything and makes it the golden color.

Another beautiful landmark featuring precious and old temple sculptures and carvings is the Badami fort. An underground chamber and a large granary are featured by the hill top fort. At the foot of the hill lays a small lake name Agastya Teertha. The water in this lake is believed to contain holy powers by many devotees. This spot is very peaceful to enjoy. Badami is also famous for its archaeological museum and the artifacts found in these museums. The famous portrayals here is the Goddesses Lajja Gauri.

The beauty of Badami cannot be beaten by any other place. Badami is considered as an ideal destination for photography because it is adorned and blessed with natures best monuments and temples. The picture of the beauty taken here from any angle looks outstanding. Badami is a must visit city who loves photography because the moments captured here are out of the world.

Badami cave photoPhotos by Nilmoni Ghosh,

Badami helps the visitors to crip in the lap of Mother Nature. Badami is the perfect place where consolation could be found. Badami is a place where one can come across the purpose of existence and the meaning of life. The rain fed waterfalls, the ravines, the ancient structures and the edged mountains are some of the beautiful scenic found here.

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Badami is considered as a gateway to many historic sites like Aihole and Pattadakal. On the west side of Badami stands the Aihole village. This village is overcrowded with temple complexes and is considered as a potential UNESCO site. While the Pattadakal town is situated at a distance of 22 km’s from Badami and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Some of the exquisite architecture found here are Dravidian and Nagara style of architecture and Virupaksha temple.

In Badami, it is noticed that the time stands still while enjoying the mighty ancient sculptures and paintings, the mesmerizing scent in the air, the amazing beauty of nature. No one can steal the charm and beauty of this place just because there is no hustle bustle and disturbing elements, and there is its own pace of doings things. It is found that nothing has changed the charm of this place rather it got better by the passing years.

The story of the contribution of Chalukyas in the architecture and paintings is depicted in every nook and corner of Badami cave. Chalukyas taste in art and architecture can be easily noticed in Badami. The structure in the complexes of the Badami fort tells the tale of the Chalukyas and his taste. Mangalesha and Kirtivarman are the ones who constructed the rock cut cave temples. The story of the Chalukyas is depicted in every corner and stone.

Badami cave photoPhotos by ramnath bhat,

Some fairs and festivals are also held in Badami. The Banashankari festival is held in the months of winter which is very pleasant to be enjoyed. Virupaksha and Mallikarjuna temples festivals are also held here in Badami.

Badami cave is a place where you can find the most beautiful scenery and is a perfect destination for spiritual folks and history buffs.

Photo by Laawaris

Badami Cave Temples – Karnataka

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