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Ayurvedic treatments sprouted in this pristine land of India around 5000 years back. It is known as the most ancient health treatment system in the world. Ayurveda combines both medicinal and philosophical values together. It just not about physical health but also guarantees mental and spiritual wellness.  It has regained its popularity due to the holistic approach it adopts towards wellness. You can say that Ayurveda always prefers Peace in human life. It is unique and is an unavoidable branch in the medical world. They believe in a natural system and diagnosis of disease is made as per the body’s vata, pita and kapha balance.

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Ayurvedic medicine was introduced to the world by the Indian Subcontinent. Ayurveda has been used as an alternative medicine or complementary medicine around the world because of globalisation and modernization of Ayurvedic treatments. In the Western countries, they use Ayurveda as part of their wellness treatment also.

 The Background

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Sushurita Samhita written by Sushurita says that Dhanvanthari God of Ayurveda, who was the king of Varanasi, who decided to teach the medicine to group physicians including Sushurita. It has many varied treatments and it’s evolved over more than 2 millenniums. The treatment is based on metal substance, herbs and minerals. Ayurveda is very complicated because it is based on the patients’ Vata, Pita and kapha. In Ayurveda text, you can see about surgical techniques like how to remove the stone from the kidney and rhinoplasty.

Kerala has managed to keep alive the Ayurveda culture and tradition intact thanks to the traditional Vaidyas. The Vaidyas were a community who treated ailments with the knowledge passed on to them through generations. Since Kerala’s nature abundantly grew the herbs and medicinal plants required, they used to be very effective in treating many difficult diseases. Despite the invasion of Allopathic and homoeopathic branches of treatment, Ayurveda was able to thrive in God’s own county. Getting the help of English medicine was not that easy and affordable for most of the locals.

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Kerala Ayurveda

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There were 8 legendary families of traditional Vaidyas (Asta Vaidyas) in Kerala. They only treated the people for various ailments. The Vaidyas used to handover the treatment techniques and details to their heirs so that they will carry forward this for next generation. They used to take a holistic approach towards treating people. Kerala is the only state in India where they exercise this medicine with utmost dedication and holistically. Earlier, when Ayurveda was the only option for treatment; the Vaidyas were challenged to interpret Ayurvedic theories and adapt them for the daily treatments.

Sushruta Samhita, Ashtanga Samgraha and Charaka Samhita are three important theses of Ayurveda. In these, it is written that every individual has a unique formation. Every organ or system has some energy related to it. There should be a balance between them. When you get sick, this balance gets collapsed and Ayurveda tries to restore it.

Ayurveda Treatment Methods

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Kerala is the only place where you can see an abundance of forest, natural recourses and cool monsoon season. Kerala’s temperature during the rainy season is 24 to 28 degree. This is ideal for the treatment. Kerala has many medicinal plants and herbs, which vaidyas need continuously to make medicines for the treatment. Here are some popular treatment methods followed in Ayurveda:


Panchakarma eliminates the toxic from the body and makes you healthy. It includes Nasya, Basti, Verachana, Vamana and Raktamokshanam.

Njavara Kizhi

This process involves applying medicated oil all over the body or specific part. Then in a medium sized Kizhi or cloth, a medicinal paste is filled and massaged with. The paste is made of Njavara rice and root of sidaretusa extract with processed milk.

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In this lukewarm medicated oil will be put all over the body uniformly in a rhythmic manner with a gentle massage for a period of 60 to 90 minutes.


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Lukewarm oil will be kept for a specific period of time over the head with the help of a leather cap. This is considered one of the best treatments in Ayurveda for facial paralysis.



There are many other treatments available in Ayurveda like Nasya, Abhyanga, Karnapooranam, Greeva Vasti and Netra sekam.

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Ayurveda – Nature’s Own Cure In Kerala

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