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Awaken Your Inner ‘You’ At International Yoga Festival In Rishikesh

Just as how much Rishikesh is praised being India’s leading adventurous hub as its garnering tourist’s spots, its cultural prominence of housing some popular yoga retreats is only to reconsider, again and again. And why not! After all, Rishikesh is one such hub that seems to give tourists a chance to practice yoga and concurrently bring great adventurous activities! Every year, the hub celebrates Yoga in a unique manner. Speaking of the same, the International Yoga Festival Rishikesh 2020 is set to return this year from 1st to 7th of March.

How Beatles Ashram’s gaining fame over years is evident, similarly, Parmarth Niketan, being the largest ashram, has its own share of importance. With Yoga Festival coming sooner than later, this Niketan is going to celebrate yoga in an amazing way. So, how is everything planned, and how you can visit here? To know more, keep reading on.

IYF or International Yoga Festival on Historical Fronts

It saw the lights of the dawn in the year 1999. Ever since the festival went live in Parmarth Niketan, it was praised on numerous counts. The meditative classes took place under Shri Swami Bharat Ji’s guidance. At the same time, Yoga asanas got performed and taught by the Yog-acharjya known as Sri Bhushan Ji.

Ever since then, the festival didn’t have a look back! The festival got fame with each passing year. And 2010 marked a new beginning of the festival, making it more successful, popular, and more traditional. Witnessing more number of participants, the 2010’s edition gave a new reason for the festival to return every year. And the credit also is shared by the event known as Kumbh Mela which occurred during same time of that year. Every year the prominence of the festival grows with flying colors, and it is believed that this year, too, many more will come and discover the importance of yoga here in the festival.

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What you can learn here?

The International Yoga Festival Rishikesh 2020’s main goal is to welcome every yoga enthusiast to the Himalayan Home to connect and discover the new ‘you’ here.

India’s yoga birthplace (i.e., of course, Rishikesh) welcomes all yoga enthusiasts in the festival to discover the significance of yoga in everyone’s lives. The 7-full days of celebration and immersion will give you a wonderful opportunity of embracing each style of yoga. You get to learn from the spiritual leaders, yoga educators, Evolutionary Thought professionals, as well as health specialists over the globe. You get to awaken the fittest and most embracing version of the real you! Ignite your soul through the event. Parmarth Niketan.

Things to know about International Yoga Festival schedule

The International Yoga Festival schedule starts sharp at 4 a.m. every day with the Kundalini sadhana and ends at 9:30 pm with amazing dance performances and cultural kirtan and other songs. All in all, it is entirely a spiritual kind of feeling to rejoice yourself and enlighten your soul here. You get the chance to customize your days according to your preferences. Exploring Yoga’s eight limbs, IYF gives you an opportunity to awaken your soul and discover the inner you.

How to proceed with International Yoga Festival registration?

As per International Yoga Festival registration, you can visit the official website and learn more about the festival. There are categorized tickets where you can get discounts too! To know more, pay a visit to the official website of IYF.

Now that you have an insight of the festival, why not check out the details so that you can visit Rishikesh during the time of March?

Featured Photo of ‘Our trika yoga classes all together!’ by Ajay Tallam under CC BY-SA 2.0

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